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You wonder if this ❤ of mine...

I wanted to do this post for a while now, but I had too much homework. Not that I finished, it's endless anyway Since my brain isn't operating anymore, I watched 49 episode 7 which had just been subbed ^O^ and did this :D

I spent Wednesday evening dying flailing with momiji4 about ABC-Z new release. Though we live right now in two different cities, we watched it at the same time the beauty of the internet and FB spazzing hahaha and it was awesome.

Wait no. Awesome doesn't even begin to cover it.

I knew I wasn't ready for Like A Blow, hahaha I honestly didn't think it would hit me that much. My brain pretty much exploded...Never My love and the others videos did not help. And when I say my brain exploded, I mean '' they are the reason I woke up the next day at the time I was supposed to take the subway to get to College, YES I woke up SUPER late and this despite sleeping earlier than usually''. Thankfully, I got ready  quicker than light speed, and was only 5 minutes late. I was a mess that day lol

How lame is that ?

My brain died, and I was exhausted after watching , and this shouldn't have happen... But it did haha.

I had already seen Never My Love, on Tottsu's brithday when they show it on these screens in Shinjuku Alta etc and yet when I saw it HQ *---* it was a fully new experience...When I first saw it I didn't like much how they filmed it, as if we were actually moving with the boys Hunger Games was filmed like that too. Yeah that's my reference haha but in HQ I really don't mind it at all

When Like a blow was mind blowing, Never My Love was beautiful. Simply beautiful. 12min and yet it feels shorter


When they lift Hasshi...It s my favorite part in every performance.

So handsome. I love the settings, the clothes, the lightening...Everything was perfect

vlcsnap-2013-11-24-00h51m31s51 vlcsnap-2013-11-24-00h53m32s215

Owww Hasshi, D8 I m not even 5 seconds into the making and I m already dying.

Only Tottsu could look so cool and handsome wearing only jean materials. Tsuka SURE loves that jacket. lol How many times did he wear it haha. Also, Fumi s dreadful fashion Memoriiiiiies lol  This particular set of clothes remind me of his Summary solo...


"Tsuka is like the sun to me"



I m sorry I m not coherent anymore.



These beautiful princepes. Yes. I m using latin. They deserve it.


This Disney movie. I love Disney.


They are Disney princes IRL .

Give A.B.C-Z a Disney movie please D8


Staff people being fabulous. And truly WEIRD and super ugly decoration in that castle/mansion. It had EVERYTHING lol Hello Sexy Summer



Handsome very serious idols. Always. Especially during their solo shoots.









They were smiling so much, and were so happy. Warms my heart. Honestly I did SO MANY screencaps it s not even funny...

They re just so happy This is why I love you guys.

I just couldn't stop smiling the whole time....Well during Like a Blow I was actually more going ''No, no, no no'' kind of mentra haha but anyway.

Thank you for such a great release. It was perfect. Everything was perfect. Thank you staff, thank you Pony Canyon yes, even if you refuse to sell Shop version to people not living in Japan, and more than anything, thank you boys.

It made me really happy

Side note :


Disney movie

I HOPE THESE PEOPLE DIDN T GET PAID. Cause I would have PAID to participate haha

Never My Love is my new Christmas song btw. And I have yet to watch NG...

Episode 7 of 49 Spoiler free


I have taken a (very slight, but it's here) dislike for Dan-father since episode 5-6. I really felt bad for his son...And This episode did NOT help. I m SO infuriated at the cliffhanger hahaha I was FB screaming for a while. 49 remains as good as ever if not even way better . I seriously felt moved after the basketball game for Dan-Son and at the end...Ugh. I m pretty sure I could have teared up a bit. Maybe if I watch it again, and I feel like doing that, I would actually.

AND SO ANGRY AT THAT GIRL OMG. I could have KILLED HER. And she is a character I really like ( there isn't a character I don't like in 49, actually) so I was feeling '' Oh disappointment again in a female character ''...But at the same time, as furious as I am haha I think I still like her. Even if she had been pushing my buttons a lot in this episode. A lot.

Chicken Basket remains flawless, and I m already  a  huge fan then again this is totally JE haha, and I WILL learn that choreography hahahaha .Basket team remains perfect. Da,ne ?

I can't get over how well Shori can act. In both Dan-Father and Dan-Son. This episode was perfect OMG. I hope he will get more dramas ( and with a good script too D8). I m trying not to spoil because I know some people in my f-list that have yet to watch it...but honestly...The more I see him act, the more I m impressed.

So many emotions

And Yasui's character kills it all. I m always smiling or laughing in each and everyone of his apparition ( he doesn't even have to speak. haha).Also his hair was looking great here *-* I was really happy he got so many lines in this one and Jin-chan too.

I like the parallel between their scenes and Tamaki / Dan which was happening at the same time

That episode was great and though I had a feeling the ending would be like that ever since episode 5, I was surprised it happened anyway.

Mana x Dan-son remains really cute. See Dan-father ? Your son could do MUCH better than you. No no I m not bitter at all And I m rooting for this couple so much, WAY better than some other couple

Though I m pretty sure they won't end up together. Because it s a curse I have in most books /manga /drama/Tv/Movie I watch, people I ship together don't end up together. UGH. Which is why I stopped reading shojo 9 or 10 years ago

I guess I will end it here. Bye Bye Dubai, people *off to bed*


I finally watched Juniland episode 93.  I will add it later to my index.

I was gushing so much over Katsuki . That cutie * heart melts*...

I really liked this episode ^^


Just like Katsuki, I am terrified of insects though. Or rather, I m terrified of most flying insects YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY RE GOING TO LAND ON YOU. AND GOD FORBID IF THEY DID D8

Yes, butterflies too. I went to a butterflies farm once, and  ran out.

I don't care much about  other insects unless they try to touch me.

So there was noooo way I would have done what Katsuki did. No way.  I could have gotten closer than him but I wouldn't have touch that .

Sorry Matsukura!


THIS UGLY THING RIGHT NOW Not Hikaru. Lol that whole segment about Reasons why you should NOT come to Japan insects  was terrible.


I m so sorry darling. I FEEL YOU UGH.


Seriously, and I thought the same thing in front of ABChanZoo Fumi/Ryosuke team, if I were their sempai in JE I would tell Jrs to NEVER reveal to anyone their fear while holding them by their shoulders and shaking them in a desperate manner. Though when it comes to fear of height or any fear of the sort, at some point they are bound to discover it and then I m sorry for them, cause they really won't care much about it.


I know it's for TV purpose, and it's actually funny to see someone face their fear ...But as much as '' YAMETE YAMETE YAMETE'' gets me, I do feel bad for them...Tsuka-chan s face here...Or Fumi...I m surprised Fumi didn't broke out crying, like Inoo-chan did with Roller Coaster...I m really not okay with seeing the boys cry like Takaki would when they would make him fly (and God do they insist on making him fly) in performances.

Or seeing Yama-chan ( I wanted to say Dada, the nickname I use for him, but I suppose no-one would understandd) shaking while performing, because he actually has fear of height D8

I know a part is also due to the boys wanting to please us...For example  flying...As amazing as it can be, I m not sure the cost is always worth it.

Show must go on but at what cost ? Getting Kame drugged on painkiller back in the days so he would get back on stage after falling was also a (euphemism of the century) dreadful choice, JE.

Well...Back to fun part :D My post wasn't supposed to be so serious lol.

This scene was so ridiculously awkward and funny. You could tell it was totally not working.


The whole please do your best in school etc was awesome.


Matsukura was hilarious and made up for all the time he was going too far away in scar(r)ing Katsuki. I m glad Mogi-san told him to stop.

Katsuki was very brave  but you could tell he was super distressed.

The others boys,despite acting all grown up(not you my baby Hikaru :D) were not that much better. Well, no. Matsukura and Genta seemed okay .. Muraki and Kakuta ?Not so much. lol Kakuta was exaggerating his facial expression because he was on TV but truly he was far from okay.


My face during the whole thing.


We totally needed to see more of these



Preview of 94!


FINALLY ! Ever since it came out, I had seen gifs, and I couldn't wait to watch it *-*  Well it will have to wait though cause I can't do it soon

Reia is SO adorable here ...God. That boy ..But I m on Amu's side. It s Amu and he is on Genki's team :B


Mwhahaha Jinguji. This looks FABULOUS.


Me, while watching that game with Jinguji on the preview. Bring it on.

....NEVER MY LOVE PV ON ZIP. That is all HAHAHA. *-----*

And I m still not over Katy Perry and that instragram of our boys' uchiwas lol. I don't really care about her taking that picture that boy toy comment though lol if only you knew their age at the time girl xD, but God. The girls on the picture SLAYED me. I mean, at the time there was nothing : no Sexy con, no event,no butai no SC, nothing that could explain why the two girls had their Summary uchiwa with them xD Maybe they filmed  a program that has yet to be announced, but bringing uchiwas would be prohibited I suppose.

So yeah. Just two fans having lots of fun with FumaKen in the Shinkansen and I found it endearing haha. In a very ''' I completely understand, girls and I love you for that '.



Juniland ?

I m in Japan for a few more days ( I have to go back 6 days earlier than planned because my university announced on a short notice...Like two weeks ago --' by email, that we have to be there earlier. Awesome guys! Thankfully (?) I couldn't anyway go to ABC-Z show, because College would have started again anyway. I felt very sad and angry and super disappointed at the time, especially since we didn't get any Summary, but now I m relieved because...That would have been way way worse.)

I m sorry to everyone, I haven't answered yet! I promise I will do it as soon as I m in France.  My internet connection is also pretty bad here --'

I just wanted to update to say....T_________________________________________________________________________T

Juniland is ending ? And quite abruptly Oo I mean, isn't the notice super short ? I wonder what happened.

I REALLY hope we re getting a new show focused on Jrs soon...Though I didn't get into Juniors through Juniland, the show sure cemented and reinforced my love for them. Seeing all the little (or not so little) guys who are usually at the back, or that we see for a 2s performance Kakuta skating his way in SZ songs  ....I mean, we could see them, how they interact with each other, how they act in different situation. Scripted or not, it was really a helpful show for them, as entertainer, and for us to get to know more about them, to see them grow up both in age and mentally, as they get more knowledge and more experienced about their job.

I was getting excited in front of SC and DBJ at the idea of getting to know more of the '' Fresh Jrs '' ( or not so Fresh but had yet to truly appear on TV ). Knowing who is backdancing, who is who, it makes SC, concerts, butais and any Js performance much more enjoyable. Way way much more.

If there are so many Jrs I love now, that I follow, or that I at least know of, it's mainly due to this show. Also, when I felt sad last year because I thought my exam(s) had gone terribly wrong, I simply put on the show, and it distracted me. D8 Not everything was great, not every episode was fun nor awesome, but it was a good show, that I would recommend and did recommend to other Js', not even Juniors', fans. And I pretty much spammed my fangirl FB account with screencaps from time to time

LJ is also NOT cooperating tonight.

Ugh. It s almost 3am. I m off to bed.

I haven't even watched the show for a long time. Until  Few months ago, I had only seen some episodes here and there, mainly with SZ members

 Yet, I m shocked DX I hope we will get something soon, seriously...As much as I LOVE SC, it isn't efficient nor sufficient enough. So many can't appear on it, and even if they do, it's not like their names are written, or that we see more than a blurry or faraway image T__T

Thank you Mogi-san for having been there for the boys. You were really awesome T___T So many times you helped them,  tried to make them more at ease *hum hum Rin hum hum* ....

Thanks to the staff too

And thank you boys, for your hardwork. The show was great, I truly can say that I overall enjoyed it a lot T_T

My whole post is a mess ugh I was looking at my Jrs pictures earlier too T___T before reading the news.

[French OS] Amitié Part 2

Sho ne l'avoua jamais après, mais la seule raison pour laquelle il avait hurlé c'était par automatisme. Il n'avait rien vu d'effrayant en soit et rien ne lui était arrivé. Il avait juste crié par réflexe.

-Y a ...Y a quelque chose  qui m'a sauté dessus!'' dit MatsuJun d'une voix beaucoup plus aigue que d'ordinaire '' et elle m'a fait tomber....

'' Quelque chose ? ''

Sho écarquilla les yeux, essayant en vain de distinguer la moindre forme dans l'obscurité. Il ignorait la taille de la pièce, mais il savait qu'elle ne devait pas être bien grande. La voix du benjamin lui était parvenu étouffée.

-Ca va? Tu n'es pas blessé '' demanda-t-il inquiet.'' Est ce que vous allez tous bien ?

- NON JE VEUX M EN ALLER! '' vociféra soudain Nino, le faisant sursauter.

Il entendit quelqu'un, Aiba-kun probablement, renifler. Il avait sans doute  fondu en larmes.

-Il va bien'('' NON PAS DU TOUT!''), et Aiba-kun aussi '' répondit Ohno-kun d'un ton calme. Sho se demanda à nouveau si il pouvait y avoir une chose qui l'effrayait. En cela aussi, il l'admirait. Il avait été à deux doigts de s'évanouir de terreur un peu plus tôt.

Il pouvait déjà voir les gros titres '' Une idol retrouvée morte de peur''.

Ce n'était pas très glorieux comme fin.

-Ca va aussi, je crois...'' le ton hésitant avec lequel le benjamin avait répondu ne rassurait en rien le rappeur.

-Tu es sûr ?

-Oui, oui ça va '' sa voix tremblait un peu.

Le jeune homme se demanda alors si les reniflements qu'il entendaient étaient vraiment ceux d'Aiba-kun.

Un  léger bruit retentit et faisceau lumineux apparut alors:

-'' On est là'' dit Satoshi en éclairant l'endroit où ils étaient tous les trois réunis. Une fois qu'il avait vérifié que ses cadets allaient bien, le jeune homme s'était accroupi sur le sol, cherchant à tâtons la lampe torche.

Il avait craint qu'en tombant, elle n'ait roulé sur sol mais elle n'était qu'à quelques pas d'Aiba-kun.

Et elle fonctionnait toujours, malgré sa chute

 Ils avaient eu de la chance.

Beaucoup même.

Malgré leur état de choc actuel, aucun de ses amis n'avait été blessé. Il sera un peu plus  l'épaule d'Aiba-kun qui continuait à trembler légèrement et raffermit sa prise sur la main de Nino, autant qu'il le pouvait avec la lampe torche tenue au bout des doigts.

'' Quelque chose m'a sauté dessus'' … Et vu la réaction des deux autres jeunes hommes, il était probable qu'ils aient tout deux soit vu soit été touché par cette chose.

Un frisson d'horreur le parcourut.

Il avait vu la porte se refermer toute seule....Et aucune fenêtre ni porte n'était ouverte, ça ne pouvait donc pas être le vent ….

Qu'est ce que c'était ?

Les tremblements d'Aiba-kun s'étaient un peu calmés mais à la façon dont celui ci se penchait contre lui, il était clair qu'il était loin d'être rassuré. Il voyait Nino jeter des coups d'oeils furtifs à gauche et à droite, comme si il s'attendait à ce que quelque chose leur saute dessus dans la minute même.

…. Ce n'était pas le moment de spéculer sur ce que pouvait être cette chose. Il devait d'abord aider ses amis.

-Tant pis pour les fusibles, on sort de la maison. '' dit Sho-kun une fois que MatsuJun et lui les eurent rejoint quelques instants plus tard.

Aiiba-kun hocha frénétiquement la tête.

-On n'a qu'à aller voir le staff, ils logent pas loin...On avisera dehors ce qu'on leur dira.

Sho leva les yeux au ciel. Seul MatsuJun pouvait continuer à penser quelque chose comme ça dans une pareille situation. Personnellement,il se fichait  un peu pour le moment de savoir si le staff risquait de se moquer d'eux parce qu'ils pensaient que l'endroit était hanté ou que quelqu'un d'autre s'y trouvait.

-Du moment qu'on sort, je m'en fous. '' Clairement, Nino partageait le même avis.

Ohno-kun qui tenait toujours la lampe torche se mit à bouger.  Nino et Aiba-kun le suivirent. MatsuJun devança le rappeur. Malgré la pénombre, son aîné pouvait aisément voir ses épaules courbées et ses bras enlaçant son corps, comme si il avait froid. Légèrement, il s'approcha de lui et s'accrocha à son t shirt.

Comme il s'y attendait, le jeune homme sursauta violemment. Il était beaucoup plus secoué qu'il ne voulait le faire  paraître.

Sans un mot, Sho desserra la prise qu'il avait sur un de ses bras et lui tint la main

-Je n'ai pas peur. '' lui dit son cadet dans un ton plein de défi

Sho l 'aurait peut-être cru s'il n'avait pas vu plus tôt le jeune homme fixer le sol plutôt que de les regarder eux.

Oui. Ce n'était peut être pas Aiba-kun qui avait fondu en larmes.

-Mais moi si'' dit-il avec un sourire contrit, que le jeune homme ne pouvait de toute façon pas voir.

Aucun d'eux n'était dupe.

Ils grimpèrent les marches lentement les uns derrières les autres. Masaki aurait bien voulu les dévaler à toute vitesse, mais ça aurait signifié non seulement se jeter dans l'inconnu une fois arrivé en haut, mais en plus lâcher Ohno-kun et Nino. Et ça il ne le pouvait vraiment pas.

Arrivés en haut, Jun ne put s'empêcher de pousser un soupir de soulagement. Malgré l'atmosphère qui paraissait peu hospitalière, c'était toujours mieux que l'obscurité totale. Au moins, ici il voyait un peu autour de lui.

Ses battements de coeur avaient repris un rythme normal. Ou presque. Il n'était pas encore complètement rassuré. Il ne le serait qu'une fois hors de cette maison hantée et auprès du staff.

 Il ne relâcha pas pour autant la main de son aîné.

Même si il en avait grand besoin, le jeune homme n'avait pas osé  de lui même s'agripper  à un de ses amis, par crainte qu'ils ne se moquent de lui. Ce serait en effet reconnaître qu'il était terrifié et peut être plus marqué qu'eux par ce qui venait de se passer....

 Sa fierté  le lui interdisait.

Sho sentit son cadet le tirer légèrement en avant. Il se pencha un peu vers lui, pour voir ce qu'il voulait.

-Merci ''  dit Macchan dans un souffle. Sho-chan exerça une légère pression sur sa main, pour lui faire signe qu'il l'avait entendu.

'' Pas de quoi''

Satoshi ouvrit la porte de la maisonnée et sortit.. Le vent frais lui frappa le visage. Lâchant la main d'Aiba-un et  s'écartant de Nino qui était agrippé son haut de pyjama , le chanteur  prit une profonde inspiration. Il avait l'impression qu'un poids s'était retiré de ses épaules. . Il préférait largement être dehors. Il se sentait plus en sécurité.

Masaki ne partageait pas du tout cet avis. Forest Adventure, la nuit, n'était vraiment pas accueillant avec ses immenses arbres et le vent qui faisait osciller les branches. Il sera plus fortement la main de Nino. Imperceptiblement, son meilleur ami lui répondit en entrelaçant leurs doigts et le tira un peu vers lui de sorte que leurs corps se touchaient presque

Malgré tous ses airs, Nino faisait toujours attention à eux tous, et notamment à lui. Comme la fois où le jeune homme s'était agenouillé sur le sol pour demander pardon au staff pour  son aîné ****  Masaki ressentit un sentiment d'affection l'envahir.

-C'est par là, fit Jun en montrant de la main un sentier qui se dirigeait vers l'arrière de la maison. Il s'était avancé jusqu'à Riida, les sourcils un peu froncés. Il était le seul du groupe à savoir où logeait le staff, étant celui qui s'informait généralement de ce type de détail.

 '' Ce n'est pas très loin, '' continua-t-il en prenant les devants, tous ses sens aux aguets '' on en a juste pour quelques minutes ''

Satoshi marchait à ses côtés. la lampe torche désormais éteinte. Elle ne leur était plus très utile maintenant qu'ils étaient à l'extérieur.

Prenant le sentier, ils marchèrent les uns derrière les autres en direction de la maison du staff.

La pluie battait à tout rompre. Sho grimaça, d'ici peu de temps, ils seraient tous trempés jusqu'aux os. Il jeta un coup d'oeil à ses amis et plus particulièrement à Aiba-kun. Il espérait de tout son coeur  qu'aucun d'eux n'attrape froid.  Ce n'était pas vraiment le moment en plus, avec toutes leurs activités.

- Vous pensez qu'il y a des ours  ici? '' Demanda soudain Masaki. La perceptive l'inquiétait tout autant qu'elle l'attirait. Il avait rarement pu voir des ours de près.

- C'est un parc pour familles et enfants. Il n'y en a pas. '' répondit patiemment MatsuJun

- Et des  loups garou s?

- C'est pas la pleine lune.

- Et des zombies ?

-Me dis pas que tu crois sincèrement que ça existe ?

- ...Pourquoi quand je parle de zombies ça te fait réagir, mais pas  les loups garous.

-Parce qu'ils existent » lança Nino.

- Non pas du tout!'' répliqua Sho.  Ils n'avaient vraiment pas besoin d'effrayer Aiba-kun plus qu'il ne l'était déjà. Et lui non plus.

-Je sais pas. MatsuJun  était plutôt poilu quand il était plus jeune****. AIE!'' L'intéresse lui avait donné un violent coup de poing sur l'arrière du crâne.

Sho ne put s'empêcher de rire en songeant que tout était rentré dans l'ordre.

Quelque chose bougea dans les buissons.

Ils se figèrent sur place.

-C'était quoi ça ? '' demanda Aiba-kun

-Continuons d'avancer'' dit MatsuJun, ''on n'est plus très loin. ''

Ils marchèrent plus vite, leur pantoufle pleines de boues et leur pyjamas leur collant à la peau. Avec soulagement Masaki vit la maison  du staff. Ils franchirent les mètres qui les séparaient en courant.

Réunis sur le porche, Jun s'apprêta à ouvrir la porte lorsque le grincement qu'ils avaient entendu dans leur maison retentit  nouveau. Son coeur tomba dans sa poitrine. Il se tourna vers l’endroit d’où parvenait le bruit et se figea sur place.

Kazunari eut l'impression de vivre un cauchemar.  Des éclairs explosèrent dans le ciel, la pluie sembla redoubler d'intensité, une ombre imposante et monstrueuse apparue sous leurs yeux, éclairée par la lumière diffusée par la chambre à l’étage.  

Satoshi recula d'un pas. Masaki, poussa des hurlements de terreur, Sho tenta de s'enfuir mais trébuchant, il s'effondra assis sur le sol. Kazunari avait fermé les yeux et mis sa main sur sa bouche pour essayer d'étouffer en vain ses cris paniqués. Quant à Jun,  il  n'avait même pas eu la force de produire le moindre son, le corps  tout entier secoués de tremblements et la bouche entrouverte

- Miaouuu’’

Satoshi écarquilla les yeux : un miaulement ? Il vit soudain une forme sauter de l’endroit où elle était perchée et apparaître devant eux.

- Un chat…’

Le chat se rapprocha d’eux, le bruit de ses griffes produisant ce grincement étrange qu’ils avaient entendu tantôt. Doucement, il vint se frotter à la jambe d’Aiba-kun, qui le prit, encore tremblant, entre ses bras et le porta.

 -C’est lui qui a fait ces bruits bizarres !  ‘’ S’exclama-t-il

-Et je parie qu’il a dû faire tomber le verre se faufiler derrière nous dans la cave, et nous suivre après’’ grogna Nino, en lui lançant un regard mauvais.

Lui ou un autre. Il y avait peut-être d’autres chats.

Sho se sentit complètement stupide. Ils s’étaient ridiculisés comme jamais. Et la caméra infrarouge restée dans la maison avait dû enregistrer tous leurs cris et leurs hurlements. Il passa une main sur son visage.

Un simple chat les avaient tenus éveillé une partie de la nuit  et leur avait donné la frayeur de leur vie.

Masaki éclata d’un rire nerveux, Kazunari avait des envies de meurtre, Sho  était rouge de honte. Satoshi ne savait pas s’il devait être effaré ou amusé. Jun passablement furieux contre le chat et surtout contre lui-même déclara:

-…J’éditerai moi-même ce DVD. ‘’

Ils avaient été complètement ridicules.  Heureusement, personne ne le saurait


Dans la maison du staff :

-Eh…Eh …Réveille-toi, j’ai entendu du bruit. ‘’ Dit un des caméramans des Arashi en secouant, son collègue endormi près de lui. Par précaution, il avait d’abord allumé la lumière.

-Qu’est ce que tu racontes ? Va te rec….

Soudains des hurlements et des cris  retentirent non loin, leur glaçant le sang. Ils entendirent d’autres grincements.

-C’était quoi ça ?


D'après Ohno dans une des interview pour le Summer Concert 2002 , Sho-chan  a parlé dans son rêve vers 6h du mat... '' laissez Aiba dormir

MatsuJun au matin a beaucoup de mal. Il a complètement la tête dans le brouillard. Nino est le pire pour se réveiller car il se réveille se redresse et se rendort immédiatement.

* Pas du tout Barbe Bleue xD

**  XD C'est une vraie conversation que j'ai eu avec une amie quand on avait 10-12 ans quand on devait passer une nuit, dans une rue louche(vide, pas bien éclairée du tout et un peu éloignée des zones d'habitations animées)

*** MatsuJun avait quoi ? 13? 14 ? quand il a perdu sa viriginité// Je confonds toujours avec Orlando Bloom.. Je dirais 14 ans)

**** Aiba le dit dans une interview...Mais je ne sais plus où. Il avait été malade, du coup il avait dû mal avec la chorégraphie et le staff s'est énervé contre lui. Il était vraiment mal et ne savait pas quoi faire. Nino s'est mis à genoux et s'est excusé pour lui <3

***** Dans une photo, ils avaient oublié de photoshopper les jambes de MatsuJun pour retirer les poils, et Sho s'est moqué de lui du coup.(et les autres aussi j'imagine xD)

Première fois que j'écris une fic du genre ...xD J'avoue que j'ai dû m'arrêter en Juin, parce que ça virait ''Horreur'', au lieu de comique xDDD

Pour le titre j'avais hésité entre cette citation de Jules Renard ou '' Personne ne le saurait''... Mais pour le coup, la citation m'a toujours fait délirer.

Et c'est une Arashi amitié xD

Vous devriez trouver tous les pairings...
Parce qu'il doit bien y avoir une autre raison pour laquelle MatsuJun est resté à édité le DVD toute la nuit...
D'après la météo ce soir là, il faisait vraiment mauvais (ouais j'ai checké la météo. Et le calendrier lunaire ;D)

‘’Amitié : Mariage de deux êtres qui ne peuvent pas coucher ensemble ‘’

Je suis parfaitement consciente que dans la vraie vie ==> ils s'appellent par leur prénom... Ou par des surnoms comme «  Macchan » (ils se trahissent parfois) ...Mais xD voilà. XDD. Quand j’utiliserais leurs prénoms, c’est principalement quand il s’agit du point de vue de cette personne et sinon c'est la façon dont ils s'appellent. Par exemple '' Riida'' c'est MatsuJun qui l'appelle comme ça, du coup c'est MatsuJun le point de vue.


Masaki avait les yeux grands ouverts. Il s'était réveillé il y a un moment et n'arrivait plus à se rendormir. D'habitude, il n'avait aucun problème de sommeil pourtant.

Etait ce l'excitation d'être avec tous les autres Arashi dans une même pièce ? Il est  vrai que malgré leur envie, ils n'avaient jamais ou quasiment jamais tous dormis ensemble ainsi...

Il ferma les yeux. Peut être la pluie battante au dehors arriverait à le bercer ?

Le tonnerre se mit à gronder.

Il se cala plus confortablement contre son oreiller. Il pouvait entendre la respiration régulière des autres Arashi, tous profondément endormis.

Le jeune homme commençait à s'assoupir à nouveau lorsqu'un bruit étrange retentit. Son coeur manqua un battement.

Qu'est ce que c'était ?


 Il ouvrit les yeux à nouveau et regarda à droite et puis gauche.  La lumière étant éteinte, la pièce était plongée dans l'obscurité la plus totale. Il ne pouvait distinguer que très vaguement les formes de Sho et de Nino, pourtant à quelques centimètres de lui.

Qu'est ce que c'était que ce bruit ?

Il attendit l'estomac un peu noué.  Comme aucun son ne se reproduit, il se demanda si il n'avait finalement pas rêvé. Il poussa un soupir de soulagement

Le grincement retentit ce nouveau.

Ne faisant ni une ni deux, le jeune homme se redressa complètement

-Sho-chan »murmura-t-il en le secouant légèrement. «Sho-chan

Le jeune homme laissa échapper un grognement incompréhensible. Il le sentit bouger et se tourner complètement dans l'autre sens.

-Sho-chan.... »murmura-t-il à nouveau en le secouant plus fermement. «Sho-chan réveille toi!

-Mwah Aiba... qu'est ce que tu veux. ? …Il est tard, retourne te coucher....

-Sho-chan j'ai entendu quelque chose... »murmura-t-il, un peu effrayé.

-Tu as juste dû faire un mauvais rêve.

-Je t'assure que je ne dormais pas. Enfin pas le deuxième fois où j'ai entendu. Mais je t'assure » ajouta-t-il en continuant de le secouer, la main fermement agrippée au pyjama de son aîné.

-Alors c'était juste le vent dehors » dit Sho calmement en poussant un soupir

-Ca provenait de la maison.

Sho essayait tant bien que mal de bloquer la voix de son cadet. Si il ne lui répondait pas, peut être qu'il finirait par aller se rendormir. Aiba-kun avait probablement fait un mauvais cauchemar ou avait été encore une fois victime de son imagination débordante.

Il refusait de se laisser entraîner là dedans. Ils devaient se réveiller tôt pour les activités de demain et il n'avait aucune envie de ressembler à un zombie.

Sho savait toutefois pertinemment qu'ignorer Aiba n'était pas la meilleure solution pour le faire taire. Le jeune homme continuait à murmurer son nom, le pressant.

Le rappeur était d'habitude assez conciliant, mais il commençait à être un peu exaspéré.  Seulement, il savait qu'il ne devait pas s'énerver. Il ne pouvait pas. Pas contre Aiba.

Le pauvre était juste inquiet.

Poussant un soupir, il reprit d'une voix où transparaissait sa fatigue :

-La maison grince probablement à cause du vent. Elle est complètement en bois, alors les sons ressortent mieux.

Un bruit de chute retentit suivit d'un grincement qui glaça le sang du rappeur.

-Ca aussi tu penses que c'est le vent ?

Sho ne répondit rien. Il se redressa doucement, fixant l'endroit où devait se trouver l'escabeau pour descendre les marches.

« Il faut qu'on réveille les autres»songea Sho. Ce n'était probablement rien...Mais si les autres membres étaient réveillés, il se sentirait sans doute un peu moins effrayé....Et puis on ne savait jamais....

Il avait lu tellement de faits divers horribles au cours des années. 

-Réveille MatsuJun... »murmura-t-il

Aiba écarquilla les yeux.

-Non réveille le toi! Si c'est moi qui le fait, il me tuera. »Il en était sûr.«Tu sais comment il est au réveil. En plus, c'est toi qui est à côté de lui.

-Okay... » Sho bougea légèrement, prenant bien garde de faire le moins de bruit possible. A tâtons, il chercha le bras du benjamin.

Posant la main sur son épaule, il se pencha légèrement sur lui : 

-Matsujun....Matsujun debout s'il te plait...

-Qu's' passe ? » demanda le benjamin du groupe d'une voix ensommeillée. Il n'avait pas attendu la réponse et s'était déjà retourné pour se rendormir.

-Matsujun lève toi....»murmura-t-il à nouveau, en le secouant par l'épaule.

-On est où?  ...T'fais dans ma chambre Sho-kun?  »

Matsujun avait toujours beaucoup de mal au réveil.

-On est à Forest Adventure souviens toi, on est venu pour le DVD » lui rappela-t-il doucement.

Le benjamin laissa échapper une exclamation entre le grognement et le gémissement, seul signe qu'il l'avait entendu. Un bruissement de draps retentit alors, le jeune homme essayant probablement de se couvrir. Sho un peu à l'aveuglette à cause du noir, tenta de l'en empêcher

Un gémissement plaintif  lui répondit.

-….Réveil  pas sonné, Sho-kun... » A entendre sa voix étouffée, il devait avoir mis la tête dans son oreiller.

Le rappeur ne put s'empêcher de sourire, au réveil le jeune homme agissait vraiment comme un  jeune enfant.

-Non lève toi MatsuJun, c'est vraiment important ….

Le jeune homme poussa un profond soupir avant de se relever. Sho s'écarta pour lui laisser un peu de place.

Aiba trouvait cela complètement injuste. Matsujun avait toujours été faible devant leur ainé. Si un seul d'eux avait osé le réveillé, le jeune homme aurait violemment réagi, probablement par des imprécations et des jets d'objets. Il en avait lui même fait les frais une fois.

Là il n'avait rien dit!

C'était complètement injuste.

S'asseyant en tailleur, Jun passa une main dans ses yeux, essayant de se réveiller un peu. C'était peine perdue.

-Qu'est ce qui se passe ? Ca a intérêt à être super important Sho-kun. » bougonna-t-il, un peu mécontent. Il était certain de n'avoir dormi que quelques minutes.

-On a entendu un bruit au rez de chaussée... »lui répondit une autre voix.

-Han Aiba-kun. C'est à cause de toi c'est ça  ? » Il aurait dû s'en douter. Sho-kun et Aiba-kun n'étaient pas vraiment les deux Arashi les plus courageux du groupe. Ils avaient probablement dû se faire paniquer l'un l'autre.

-On a vraiment entendu quelque chose! » le pressa Sho-kun.

Dehors, la tempête faisait rage. Jun fit un geste vers la fenêtre, oubliant que dans l'obscurité ils ne pouvaient pas voir sa main

-C'est peut être juste le vent et la pluie ? » proposa-t-il comme si il parlait à deux enfants. Il n'était vraiment pas d'humeur.

Pourquoi c'était lui qui s'était fait réveillé et pas Riida ou Nino ? Il avait juste envie de se recoucher.

-Non, c'est sûr que non, il doit y avoir quelqu'un et ...

Un autre grincement inquiétant se fit entendre, Sho sursauta.

-Tu vois! » murmura-t-il.

Jun acquiesça légèrement, l'estomac un peu noué. Ca ne pouvait pas être le staff, vu qu'ils étaient logés dans un autre bâtiment. Ils n'avaient aucune raison de venir ici. La porte ne claquait pas, donc elle n'était pas ouverte....

Qu'est ce que ça peut être ?

-Quelqu'un s'est peut être infiltré dans la maison...» murmura Aiba d'une voix sourde.  Le coeur de Jun s'emballa à ces mots :

-Impossible! Il n'y a que nous ici...

Il sentit un souffle contre sa nuque :

- C'est peut être une fangirl  ?

Le benjamin  eut si peur qu'il fit un bon sur le côté et tomba sur Sho-chan. Il se retint de justesse de crier

-Riida! J'ai failli avoir une crise cardiaque espèce d'idiot. » dit il dans un chuchotement furieux.

-Désolé » murmura-t-il en se rapprochant un peu, à quatre pattes

-Depuis quand t'es réveillé ? » demanda Aiba 

-Pas longtemps, je vous ai entendu parler...Faudrait qu'on aille voir d'où vient le bruit.»

Sho pâlit considérablement à ces mots. Allez voir d'où venait le bruit ? S'enfuir d'accord, mais aller chercher directement la source du problème?

-Qui va se dévouer pour descendre ? »

-Le plus jeune ? ...Je plaisante Matsujun.» ajouta Riida en sentant l'intéressé se raidir légèrement.

-On n'a qu'à descendre tous ensemble. Je me sens pas d'attendre seul ici...

-Je m'occupe de réveiller Nino, dit Riida en se mettant à bouger

-On peut pas déplacer dans le noir, je vais allumer la lumière » dit MatsuJun en se mettant sur ses pieds. Il avait besoin de marcher un peu pour calmer les battements frénétiques de son coeur. Il prit la pochette posée près du futon et qui contenait ses lunettes

Le jeune homme, dont les yeux s'étaient un peu habitués à la pénombre mis ses lunettes. Il se dirigea,un peu hésitant, vers là où il pensait que l'interrupteur se trouvait.

Il entendait Riida essayer de réveiller Nino. C'était toujours compliqué, leur ami ayant l'habitude  d'ouvrir les yeux puis de se rendormir presque instantanément ensuite *

Ayant atteint le mur, il se mit à chercher à tâtons l'interrupteur.

-Pourquoi tout le monde pense que c'est le vent! » entendit-il Aiba murmurer d'une voix un peu aigue. Nino venait probablement de l'envoyer balader.

Ses doigts rencontrèrent enfin une structure particulière.

Ah l'interrupteur!


Il l'actionna. Rien ne se produisit. Jun fronça les sourcils. Il appuya dessus plusieurs fois, en vain.

-L'interrupteur ne fonctionne pas. » dit il en revenant sur ses pas. « J'ai une lampe torche dans mon sac, Sho-kun il ne doit pas être loin de toi.

- Pourquoi t'as ramené une lampe torche  ? » demanda Nino en étouffant un bâillement

Jun se contenta de hausser les épaules. Sho-kun extirpa la lampe torche du sac et l'alluma. Riida et Aiba qui étaient dans la direction du filet lumineux fermèrent les yeux, un moment éblouis.

-Désolé» s'excusa le rappeur, en baissant la lampe torche. Il la tendit à Ohno-kun qui le regarda un peu surpris « Tu es celui qui risque le moins de paniquer

-Paniquer ? » lancèrent Nino et Matsujun en choeur.

Sho grimaça.  Il aurait dû faire attention à ses paroles.

-Pourquoi on paniquerait ? 

-On est pas des trouillards.

Le grincement étrange se fit entendre à nouveau, mais cette fois ci, il était beaucoup plus fort que les première fois. Ils retinrent leur respiration un moment.

-...C'était quoi ça ? » demanda Kazunari dans un murmure.

-La raison pour laquelle on est tous debout, répondit Masaki en serrant le bras de Sho-chan. Enfin, de celui qu'il pensait être Sho-chan.

-On va peut être arrêter de discuter et bouger un petit alors.»

Kazunari se rapprocha de Ohno-kun. Il se sentait plus en sécurité à côté de lui et surtout de la source de lumière.

-Minute la caméra...On la prend pas? Demanda Aiba en pointant l'objet du doigt

-Pourquoi on prendrait la caméra ? »demanda Nino,.

- Pour filmer un esprit si jamais on en croise un.

Pour quelqu'un qui avait peur des fantômes, c'était assez étrange de l'entendre dire ça. Satoshi se mordit la langue, un peu inquiet. Ca lui rappelait beaucoup trop cet épisode d'USO Japan où son cadet s'était évanoui...

-Les esprits ne s'enregistrent pas dans de simples appareils..Et tu sais  que si on la casse, la Jumisho  nous tue. » répliqua Nino.

-Pourquoi vous pensez que c'est un fantôme ? Demanda Sho-kun, un peu curieux.

-Parce que je préfère me dire que c'est un fantôme plutôt serial killer. »

-UN SERIAL KI... » Plusieurs masses se jetèrent sur Masaki manquant de le renverser en arrière. Si il n'avait pas reconnu les mains de Nino sur sa bouche, et si celles ci n'étouffaient pas tous les sons, il aurait hurlé de terreur. Quelqu'un pour une raison étrange  avait posé son bras sur ses yeux.

-Tais-toi » lui ordonna Nino d'une voix quasi inaudible

Ils restèrent un moment dans cette position, sans bouger.  Masaki sentait son coeur battre la chamade. Le fait d'être privé de sa vue ne l'aidait en rien à se calmer, sans compter que dans cette position, le haut du corps et  la tête un peu renversés en arrière, n'était pas vraiment des plus confortable.

Enfin, il sentit la lumière de la lampe torche éclairer son visage. Le bras qui lui obstruait les yeux se retira. MatsuJun et Nino  le bâillonnaient tout deux à l'aide de leurs mains.

« Désolé » songea-t-il en affichant un air contrit.

-Evite de crier à nouveau comme ça. » le réprimanda  MatsuJun en retirant ses mains et en s'écartant légèrement , suivit par Nino

-Désolé.... » s'excusa-t-il en s'approchant un peu plus de Sho-chan qui était à ses côtés. Celui-ci lui tapota l'épaule pour lui signifier qu'aucun d'eux ne lui en voulait. Il dit  toutefois

-On sait même pas si il y a vraiment quelqu'un ou si c'est juste le vent. Mais si il y a quelqu'un mieux vaut ne pas attirer son attention.

Kazunari ne dit rien. En vérité, il était lui aussi  un peu inquiet. En d'autres moments, il se serait simplement recouché, laissant Aiba délirer tout seul...Mais là, c'était  Ohno-kun qui l'avait réveillé.... Si quelque chose avait réussi à attirer son attention, c'est que ça devait être important.

Mais un fantôme ?

Il n'était pas sûr d'y croire.

Il n'avait surtout pas envie d'y croire.

Quoique, comme il l'avait dit, il préférait imaginer qu'ils étaient victimes d'un esprit farceur plutôt que d'un assassin.

Il regardait trop de films.

Ils descendirent l'escalier les uns derrière les autres, Ohno-kun ouvrant la marche. Le parquet grinçait sous leurs pas.

- On  fait quoi alors ? » demanda  Aiba en regardant la porte d'entrée, une fois qu'ils furent arrivés au rez de chaussée

-Faudrait rétablir l'électricité d'abord.... »proposa Jun. Ils se sentiraient sans doute tous un peu mieux si ils leur vision ne dépendaient pas uniquement de la lampe. En tout cas, lui se sentirait beaucoup mieux. Il ajouta, un peu incertain « Vous pensez qu'il y a un sous sol ici ?

-Si il y en a un, je propose qu'on y aille pas. » trancha Nino. «On se fait toujours tuer dans les sous sols.

-Et qu'est ce qu'on fait? On reste dans le noir ? » Cette idée enchantait encore moins Masaki.

Ils entendirent soudain un son horrible, semblable aux  crissements des ongles sur un tableau

-Ca venait de là bas » murmura Riida en avançant vers la pièce attenante, la lampe torche tenue  fermement dans sa main. 

Jun sentit un frisson lui parcourir l'échine. Il n'avait vraiment pas envie d'y aller.

-Et si on sortait plutôt ? » murmura Sho-kun d'une voix si basse que  Jun  faillit ne pas l'entendre

Il était assez d'accord avec la proposition.

Ils s'avancèrent, le coeur battant, dans le salon.  Jun s'agrippa d'une main au pyjama de Satoshi.  Kazunari les suivait de très près, les bras croisés fermement contre sa poitrine, un peu recroquevillé sur lui même. Sho et  Masaki fermaient la marche en se tenant par le bras.

Ohno-kun éclaira la pièce légèrement ; il n'y avait personne.

Et aucune place pour se cacher.

Sho eut l'impression qu'un poids venait de se retirer de ses épaules. Même si il n'était pas encore rassuré, au moins il n'y avait personne dans le salon. Des images atroces lui avaient traversé l'esprit durant les quelques mètres qu'ils venaient de faire.

 Il relâcha le bras d'Aiba-kun et regarda aux alentours. Les nombreuses fenêtres avaient pour avantage de diffuser un peu de lumière  Ils n'avaient plus autant besoin de la lampe torche.

Au dehors la tempête faisait toujours rage.  Ils pouvaient entendre le vent gronder  Masaki se mordit la langue. Ils avaient bien choisi leur jour pour venir. Machinalement, il se tourna vers la fenêtre la plus proche, située derrière Sho-chan, pour voir l'extérieur

Quelque chose attira alors son attention. Son coeur tomba dans sa poitrine:

-Eh...C'est quoi çà sur la fenêtre ? » demanda –t-il en la pointant du doigt. Sho-chan tourna la tête tellement vite qu'un craquement se fit entendre.

Il y avait une grande entaille sur la vitre

Satoshi s'approcha lentement coeur battant.  MatsuJun, toujours accroché à lui,  marqua une légère résistance mais finit par le suivre. Il se sentait beaucoup plus rassuré à ses côtés probablement. Les trois  autres, bien que restant notablement en retrait, les suivirent.

-On dirait...Une marque...

-...D'une griffure! »proposa Aiba-kun en se penchant par dessus l'épaule de Riida

-T'as déjà vu un homme capable d'une telle entaille avec son ongle? »railla Nino d'une voix plus aiguë que d'ordinaire

-Si c'est un esprit c'est possible.... » marmonna Sho

-J'aime pas du tout ça » murmura Kazunari qui se sentait de plus en plus mal. Il avait un mauvais pressentiment. Il serra les poings

Satoshi approcha sa main gauche pour toucher l'entaille.

-Fais pas ça! » Lança Aiba-kun en lui prenant le bras. «Si tu fais ça, tu vas nous porter la poisse. C'est TOUJOURS ce qu'il se passe dans les films d'horreur. Y en a un qui touche un truc laissé par l'assassin et c'est à ce moment là que le massacre commence.

MatsuJun haussa un sourcil:

-Tu sais...Pour ce qu'on en sait, ce truc était peut être là depuis longtemps...

-Ou ça n'était peut être pas encore là

Matsujun leva les yeux au ciel.

-Et on est pas dans un film d'horreur...

Kazunari plissa les yeux. Ils n'étaient peut être pas dans un film d'horreur, mais ça ne signifiait pas pour autant qu'ils n'étaient pas filmés....Et ça semblait parfait pour une caméra cachée :

-Si c'est un Himitsu,  vous  le regretterez »prévint-il  avec un air mauvais en regardant autour de lui. Les autres se redressèrent à ses mots.

-Si c'est une émission, quelle qu'elle soit,  je tue le responsable de mes propres mains. »  Jun était stressé et fatigué.  Il n'avait pas dormi depuis plus de 24h , sauf si on comptait les trente minutes de sommeil avant que Sho-kun ne le réveille, et demain une longue journée s'annonçait.  Si jamais c'était une blague...

Bien entendu, personne ne leur répondit. Jun claqua la langue,mécontent.  L'idée qu'ils étaient peut être dans une émission semblait le plus plausible. Le soulagement avait fait place à l'agacement.

-Mais on n'a pas de micro sur nous'' fit remarquer Aiba-kun en fronçant les sourcils.

-Ils ont pu en dissimuler dans la maison avant qu'on arrive.'' répliqua Sho en regardant autour de lui. Il n'avait vraiment pas envie de passer à nouveau  pour un froussard à la télévision. On se payait déjà bien  sa tête à cause de son vertige.

- Oui mais si ce n'est pas une émission ? '' demanda Satoshi, en fronçant les sourcils. Cela lui semblait beaucoup trop...étrange. Son instinct lui disait qu'il s'agissait probablement de quelque chose d'autre.

De toute façon, qu'il s'agisse d'une émission ou non, dans tous les cas, ils allaient devoir continuer...Il jeta un coup d'oeil aux autres membres. Ils semblaient penser la même chose, même si MatsuJun avait un air renfrogné et qu'Aiba-kun était toujours aussi terrifié.

Si il s'agissait d'une émission, ils allaient devoir jouer le jeu et continuer. Sinon...Mieux valait savoir ce que c'était.

«  CRAC»

Sho eut l'impression que son coeur venait de faire un bond hors de sa poitrine.  Y portant la main, les yeux écarquillés, il demanda :

- C'était quoi ça ?

-On dirait une vaisselle qui vient de se briser, un vase ou quelque chose''

....Et ce n'était pas très loin d'eux.

Même en sachant qu'il pouvait s'agir d'une émission, Kazunari n'était pas vraiment rassuré

-Allons voir... » dit Jun, en prenant les devants et en se dirigeant vers la sortie. Le bruit semblait venir de la cuisine « Quelqu'un  a sûrement dû faire tomber un objet » Et plus vite ils le trouveraient, plus vite ils seraient fixés et pourraient tous aller se recoucher. 

Les autres le suivirent, plus ou moins à contre coeur.  Seul Satoshi était vraiment intéressé.

- Riida, tu peux éclairer ? '' demanda Jun en restant sur le pas de la porte. Si il y avait quelque chose par terre, mieux valait qu'il ne marche pas dessus. Riida hocha la tête et pointa le filet lumineux de la lampe torche le sol

Des débris de verre jonchaient la cuisine.

Masaki écarquilla les yeux.

- Eh mais c'est mon verre dit Masaki, en poussant légèrement Sho-chan pour mieux voir. Oui, même brisé, il le reconnaissait parfaitement . ''

Tous les regards se tournèrent vers lui.

-Ton verre? répéta Sho-chan en haussant les sourcils.

Masaki acquiesça :

-Avant de monter me coucher, je l'ai posé sur la table mais...'' Un frisson lui parcourut l'échine'' Il n'aurait pas pu tomber tout seul et pas aussi longtemps après….

Un silence accueilli sa réponse.

Quelqu'un l'aurait donc renversé ….Jun déglutit difficilement. :

-Tu ne l'avais pas laissé sur le rebord ?

- Certain. » dit-il en hochant la tête de gauche à droite. Et cette idée le terrifiait. Si il était resté sur le rebord, bon il aurait pu se dire qu le tonnerre ou autre avait tellement fait vibrer la table qu'il était tombé....Qu'un tremblement de terre qu'aucun d'eux n'avait sentit était peut être responsable.

Oui. Masaki était même prêt à croire qu'il s'agissait d'un tremblement de terre.

- Et il n'y a aucune sortie, constata Nino en s'avançant un peu plus loin.

- Fais attention aux morceaux de verre ''lui lança Sho-kun.

-Uh hu...

- ...on l'aurait vu quelqu'un si il était venu dans le hall... '' fit MatsuJun en jetant un coup d'oeil derrière eux, vers l'entrée.

Masaki se raidit :

- Vous pensez qu'il s'agit d'un fantôme ?

- Tu penses que quelqu'un est mort ici ? '' lui demanda MatsuJun d'une voix incertaine

-Et il serait resté pour se venger ? Continua Nino.

-....Un fantôme ça peut pas toucher les objets, pas vrai ? '' fit Aiba-kun d'une voix inquiète.

-Ca dépend lesquels...Notamment ceux qui sont là depuis longtemps et ont amassé suffisamment de haine et de rancoeur

-Arrête, je vais me faire dessus. '' gémit Aiba-kun tandis que MatsuJun grimaçait légèrement.

-Moi c'est déjà un petit peu fait. ''dit Nino

Sho ne savait pas très bien si ce dernier faisait exprès de leur faire peur ou s'il répondait simplement mécaniquement. Il crispa un peu plus la main sur le battant de la porte:

- ...Ou c'est peut  être juste un Himitsu. '' dit il en essayant de sourire.  Son coeur tambourinait contre sa poitrine

-Vu tous les morceaux de verres partout, il n'est pas juste tombé de toute façon, il a été lancé.''fit alors remarquer Aiba-kun 

-Pourquoi est ce que quelqu'un lancerait un verre ? '' demanda Nino d'un ton dubitatif.

- Pour nous faire peur ? '' proposa Jun en fronçant les sourcils. Cela ressemblait de plus en plus à une émission. Il sentit la colère et l'agacement l'envahir.

Ils auraient pu au moins leur dire ce qu'ils le avaient préparé. Dire qu'en plus du camps d'entraînement, il y aurait une maison hantée à Forest Adventure....Même sans leur préciser que ce serait la maison ol ils logeraient...Au moins les prévenir pour qu'ils puissent être préparé et ne pas être lancé à l'aveugle comme ça. Ils ne savaient même pas quoi faire ni où aller...

Ce n'était pas comme ça qu'ils allaient rendre l'épisode amusant.

Qu'est ce que les prévenir leur aurait coûté ? Ce n'est pas comme si ils n'auraient pas été terrifié de toute façon, surtout vu leur fatigue. Ils avaient tous les nerfs à vif.

Le responsable de cette brillante idée allait le lui payer très cher.

-Qu'est ce qu'on fait maintenant ? '' demanda  Masaki  en se mordant la lèvre inférieure. Ils n'allaient pas rester là toute la nuit.

Il jeta un coup d'oeil à MatsuJun. Au vu de l'expression de son visage, il était clair que son cadet était plus énervé qu'effrayé. Il devait sans doute penser qu'il s'agissait d'une émission.

Il aurait voulu lui aussi le croire, mais c'était complètement différent de la façon de procéder qu'opéraient d'habitude les chaînes de télé et en particulier leur staff.

-Je pense qu'on devrait essayer de trouver un moyen de rétablir le courant'' dit soudain Riida qui était resté silencieux jusque là. Masaki écarquilla les yeux effaré :

-Quoi ?

-Je suis pour aussi, '' entendit-il sans surprise, MatsuJun dire.'' On n'arrivera à rien sans. Sauf si vous avez  une autre idée de ce qu'on devrait faire.

Bien que l'idée ne l'enchantait guère, Sho ne pipa mot.  Il n'essayait même pas de savoir si il s'agissait belle et bien d'une émission....ou d'autre chose. Il préférait d'ailleurs ne pas y penser, l'alternative le terrifiant. Cependant, si il s'agissait d'une émission, même si il en mourrait d'envie, il ne pouvait décemment pas aller se terrer sous sa couette. Son professionnalisme le lui interdisait


''Même si ça leur servirait vraiment de leçons '' songea-t-il amer, en pensant au staff qui les avait peut être piégé

Il devait attendre un signal, quelque chose, qui leur donnerait des indications. Pour le moment, ils avançaient à l'aveugle. Un peu d'information ne serait pas de refus.

… Sauf si c'était pour le dire que quelqu'un était mort dans cette bâtisse et que depuis son eprit vengeur la hantait. Ca, il pouvait s'en passer.

Satoshi les regarda l'un après l'autre.  Aucun d'eux n'avait l'air particulièrement enchanté. Toutefois, ils ne pouvaient pas faire autrement. Tant qu'ils étaient dans le noir total, ils étaient beaucoup plus vulnérables.

Tirant par le bras Nino qui avait l'air pétrifié,  il se dirigea à nouveau dans le hall.  A cause de la lumière diffusée par la porte vitrée, ils y voyaient un peu plus que dans les autres pièces. Arrivé devant la porte du sous-sol, Satoshi marqua un temps de pause. Même si il n'était pas effrayé, ça ne signifiait pas que marcher dans un sous sol non éclairé et risquer de se casser la figure sur les divers objets qui pouvaient s'y trouver

Il se demanda un instant si il pouvait y avoir des cadavres en bas, un peu comme dans ce conte...Barbe bleue ?* ..Il n'était plus très sûr.... Il ne fit pas part de son questionnement, il était sûr que vu l'atmosphère, ce ne serait pas très bien accepté.

Lentement, il ouvrit la porte. Son grincement retentit dans la maisonnée. Satoshi dû bien reconnaître que ça faisait en effet très film d'horreur.  Nino semblait avoir eu la même idée car il s'était soudain raidi et avait agrippé plus fermement sa main.

Comme il s'y attendait, il y avait de l'autre côté de la porte un escalier en bois dont ils ne discernaient que les deux premières marches. L'obscurité la plus totale régnait.

Satoshi, s'écartant de Nino et de l'emprise qu'il avait sur sa main, avança d'un pas et dirigea le faisceau lumineux de la lampe dans l'escalier. Il se mordilla la lèvre inférieure. Ils allaient devoir faire très attention en descendant.

Il se tourna vers les autres Arashi. Tous affichaient un regard sombre, et pas vraiment rassuré. Même MatsuJun qui était désormais persuadé, ou peut être le faisait il juste croire?, qu'il s'agissait d'une émission avait l'air passablement inquiet.

Jun sentit son estomac se nouer. Les faire vadrouiller dans la même maison sans électricité, les émissions de télés en étaient parfaitement capable. Casser des objets et en abîmer pour les terrifier? C'était aussi tout à fait faisable. Cependant....

Les faire descendre dans un escalier si sombre, avec le risque qu'ils puissent tomber et se faire très mal, surtout qu'ils avaient Aiba avec eux!, ça c'était bizarre tout de même. Il ne pensait pas  que les staffs iraient si loin... Que la Johnny's, à qui ils avaient forcément dû demander la permission, les laisseraient.

Même en étendant un énorme matelas au bas des escaliers qui amortirait complètement leur chute si ils venaient à tomber, ça n'empêcherait pas que dans les escaliers ils se fassent mal.

C'était beaucoup trop dangereux, même pour ce genre d'émission....

Alors qu'est ce que ça signifiait ? Qu'il y avait quelqu'un d'autre ? Il eut la chair de poule.

Il entendit derrière lui Sho-kun retenir sa respiration. Aiba-kun ,qui avait lâché  un gémissement lorsque Riida avait ouvert la porte, murmurait comme un mantra '' je veux pas y aller, je veux pas y aller je veux pas y aller''

Autant dire que ça n'aidait en rien les nerfs du jeune homme, qui luttait pour ne pas craquer et lui ordonner de se taire

Sa respiration accéléra.

Et si il y avait vraiment un assassin?

Ou un fantôme maléfique ?

Ou un monstre ?

Il était à deux doigts de tout planter là et de tourner les talons.



Non, il ne pouvait pas....

-Qu'importe ce que c'est..'' dit soudain d'un ton ferme le benjamin du groupe en prenant une profonde inspiration pour se donner du courage '' Je refuse de mourir tant que je n'ai pas vu la deuxième partie d' Harry Potter 7 ''

Un silence  stupéfait accueilli sa déclaration.

-Je te propose de dire ça au serial Killer qui se cache dans la maison. «Vous pouvez m'assassiner, mais après le film, merci »

-C'est ce que je ferai, Ninomiya. Tant qu'à faire je lui proposerai d'ailleurs de commencer par toi....

Nino lui lança un regard sombre. MatsuJun lui fit une grimace.  Sho poussa un soupir, fatigué. Il jeta un coup d'oeil à Aiba, surpris de ne pas l'avoir entendu parler depuis un moment. Il affichait un air un peu pensif. Inquiet, il s'apprêta à lui demander si ça allait lorsque le jeune homme lança:

-Avant de mourir je veux faire l'amour une dernière fois. » Il leur lança à tous un regard significatif. Sho-chan écarquilla les yeux, Riida demeura impassible, Matsujun le foudroya du regard, Nino fit une moue :

-Seulement si c'est toi qui fait la fille....

MatsuJun leur asséna à tous deux un coup de poings sur la tête.

-Arrêtez de raconter n'importe quoi tous les deux! 

-C'est Jun Potter qui dit ça!

-Mais j'étais sérieux en plus MatsuJun!...Faut bien que je me fasse plaisir une dernière fois quoi! De nous tous, imaginons que c'est moi qui ait le moins de chance de m'en sortir....

-Ce qui est le cas, vu  tu cours moins vite que nous deux »concéda Nino

-Voilà ! Et si il m'attrape vous ferez quoi ?

-On lui jettera des pierres de loin  **  » répliqua Nino. Matsujun fit alors semblant de lancer quelque chose sur une cible invisible, en disant d'une voix un peu aigue «Lâche Masaki, lâche Masaki »

-C'est beau Arashi » fit Aiba, mi figue mi-raisin

Sho-kun aurait bien voulu qu'ils arrêtent de parler, mais il savait  parfaitement que c'était le moyen pour eux et notamment pour MatsuJun d'extérioriser leur stress. Il jeta un regard entendu à Ohno-kun. Celui-ci haussa un sourcil:

-Me regarde pas comme ça, ce sont tes gênes. »

Sho le regard éberlué

Il imagina un instant si les trois plus jeunes du groupe avaient été ses enfants...

-Descendons voir! '' dit il quelques instants plus tard

Il préférait encore affronter la pénombre et ce qui se cachait dedans.

Cela ne l'empêcha pas de regretter ses paroles lorsqu'il vit Ohno-kun s'avancer et descendre lentement les escaliers.

MatsuJun le suivait, sans surprise. Il savait que le jeune homme se sentait toujours mieux quand il connaissait de fortes émotions lorsqu'il était en compagnie de leur aîné, et surtout dans ce genre de situation. Le calme de leur leader le rassurait, à défaut de le calmer.

Sho hocha la tête sans s'en rendre compte. Pour lui, Ohno-kun ou pas Ohno-kun, il demeurait toujours aussi terrifié. Même si, tant qu'à faire il préférait être avec eux tous.

- Aiba, marche devant. '' dit soudain  Nino

-Eh ? Pourquoi ?'' demanda Masaki, surpris. D'habitude, Nino n'aimait pas vraiment être dans les derniers, et encore moins fermer la marche.

-J'ai aucune envie que tu me dégringoles dessus. Et je suis sûr que tu vas te rétamer dans les escalier.

- Pas du tout! '' s'exclama Masaki outré. Il savait pourtant que c'était un risque. Quand il était aussi nerveux, il avait tendance à faire plus de gaffes...Et là il était terrifié.

Il suivit toutefois MatsuJun, laissant Nino descendre juste derrière lui 

-Masaki, si tu me tombes dessus, rien ni personne ne pourra te protéger '' le prévint  Jun, dont la main était fermement agrippée à la rambarde. Son coeur tambourinait contre sa poitrine. La lampe torche ne diffusait pas suffisamment de lumière et ils devaient de ce fait faire très attention en descendant.

Kazunari pouvait presque voir un monstre rouge aux yeux jaunes globuleux et pourvus d'une dizaine de tentacules sortir soudain de la pénombre pour les attraper et les dévorer.

Et il n'avait même pas un sabre laser pour l'affronter!Il ferma les yeux. Pourquoi n'avaient ils pas les mêmes armes dans la vraie vie que dans un jeu vidéo ? 

Il devrait demander à Johnny-san s'il était possible qu'ils puissent chacun disposer d'un Sniper . Au cas où.

Son coeur tomba dans sa poitrine.

 Bon sang, si il  leur arrivait un truc, ils l'auraient vraiment cherché. Qui, se sachant  peut être menacé, se dirigeait dans les sous sols, lieu sans fenêtre, ni issue, avec pour seule source de lumière et arme : une lampe torche?

Si ils avaient été dans film, ou dans un livre, ils n'auraient pas fait long feu.

Cependant, même là dans leur situation, il y avait toujours un moyen de s'en sortir :

-Dans les films d'horreur, seule la vierge reste toujours en vie ...Quelqu'un a -t-il quelque chose à annoncer ? Sho-kun ?

Une chance que MatsuJun et Ohno-kun soient déjà arrivés au bas de les escaliers, sinon Aiba-kun leur serait tombé dessus sous la surprise. Le jeune homme réussit à se rattraper à la rambarde.

De toute façon, il ne se serait pas fait très mal, de ce que Nino voyait il ne lui restait que trois marches à descendre.

-Pourquoi moi ? '' s'exclama-t-il outragé.

- C'est vrai Sho-kun ?  Demanda la voix taquine et moqueuse d'Aiba-kun, tandis que Kazunari lui répondait narquois:

-Tu demandes vraiment pourquoi ?''

-Tu veux qu'on t'aide  avec ça ?''Continua  son aîné dans un éclat de rire.

Il semblait avoir complètement oublié la situation dans laquelle ils étaient, ou alors il en profitait de la même façon que son cadet, utilisant cette distraction pour se calmer les nerfs.

Après tout, il suffisait que quelqu'un les enferme d'en haut pour les piéger à jamais ici. Kazunari pâlit à cette pensée.

-Ne t'approche pas ! '' le prévint le rappeur, d'une voix plus aigue que d'ordinaire.

-Maintenant qu'on est tous arrivé en bas, il faut qu'on trouve cet interrupteur, leur rappela Satoshi. C'était rare qu'il parle autant, mais il avait le sentiment que si il ne leur rappelait pas pourquoi ils étaient là, ils finiraient toujours par partir sur un autre sujet.

Ils étaient passés maître ce soir à ses yeux dans le moyen de fuir la réalité et de se laisser distraire.

Sans attendre leur réponse, Satoshi donna la lampe torche à  Aiba-kun, sachant qu'il était pour le moment celui qui était le plus terrifié et qu'il était plus que probable qu'il n'aille pas chercher les fusibles. Puis, il se dirigea en direction d'un des murs. Il devait faire attention aux obstacles invisibles qui pourraient se trouver sur son chemin.

- Que chacun contrôle ses pulsions alors.'' dit  Masaki, essayant d'ignorer le tremblement de terreur qui secouait tout son corps.  Maintenant que Riida s'était dirigé dans un coin de la pièce, ils ne pouvaient plus rien voir du tout. Il leva les yeux en direction de la faible lumière prodiguée par la porte restée entrouverte.

-Sho-kun, on parle de toi, là.'' expliqua Nino dont la voix légèrement moins assurée que d'habitude, parvenait à quelques mètres de lui à sa droite. Il se rapprocha imperceptiblement de lui. Même si ils étaient sensé chercher les fusibles, il n'avait pas du tout le courage de bouger et encore moins s'éloigner des autres membres

Et clairement, Nino non plus.

Un grognement courroucé venu d'un peu plus loin leur répondit. Kazunari eut un sourire. Sho-kun devait probablement être terrifié, mais ce qu'il lui disait l'énervait suffisamment pour qu'il oublie.

Ils savaient tout deux que toutes ses bravades et ses taquineries n'étaient dû qu'à la terreur qui l'étreignait.  Il avait besoin de parler, se moquer, se défendre. A défaut d'avoir un sabre laser, il avait ses paroles.

Et Kazunari savait que son aîné lui pardonnerait bien assez vite. Sho-kun était comme ça.

-Crois moi, Nino si je vous saute dessus, ça ne vous fera pas du bien ''

- Whouuuhou violent en plus, j'aime ça. '' Aiba-kun ne put retenir un éclat de  rire, qui semblait plus une réaction nerveuse qu'autre chose.

Pourquoi les deux autres ne réagissaient pas ? S'étaient ils fait capturer par quelqu'un ou quoi ?

-Cette conversation devient hyper gênante. '' dit MatsuJun. La voix du benjamin lui parvenait d'un peu plus loin que celles des autres. Ca signifiait donc qu'il était près du mur, cherchant à tâtons les fusibles.

Si seulement Oh-chan voulait bien lui aussi un signe de vie....

-Tu restes hyper coincé sur la question, pour quelqu'un qui a perdu sa virginité si tôt ***

-T'as de la chance que je ne sois pas à côté de toi Nino, tu t'en serais pris une....

- Sho-chan, je crois que je t'ai trouvé un compagnon BDSM..

Un bruit sourd retentit alors. Le coeur de Kazunari s'arrêta de battre :

-L'un de vous s'est il évanoui en imagi...?

Un hurlement de terreur suivit d'un bruit de corps qui s'effondre l'interrompit et lui glaça le sang.


Kazunari  allait se précipiter vers l'endroit d'où était parvenu le hurlement, mais des cris stridents retentirent non loin de lui.


Tournant la tête, il vit la lampe torche tomber sur le sol et s'éteindre


Il sentit quelque chose passer entre eux deux.

Sho-kun hurlait lui aussi.

Qu'est ce qui se passait? Qu'est ce qui arrivait ? Qu'est ce que c'était que ça ?

Incapable de faire la moindre chose, Kazunari plaqua ses mains contre ses oreilles et s'accroupit.

Qu'est ce qui se passait?

Satoshi avait eu l'impression que son coeur était tombé dans sa poitrine lorsqu'il avait entendu le hurlement poussé par le benjamin du groupe MatsuJun n'aurait pas crié pour rien. Il n'aurait pas poussé un tel hurlement sans raison.

S'aidant du mur pour avancer, il se dirigea aussi vite qu'il le pouvait dans l'obscurité vers l'endroit où se trouvait MatsuJun.

Les cris d'Aiba le firent trébucher et il manqua de tomber. Son  corps fut secoué par un frisson de terreur

'' AIBA!''

La lampe s'éteignit. Il leva les yeux et vit la porte du sous sol se fermer presque totalement, semble-t-il toute seule.

Aux cris d'Aiba, tout près de lui, se mêlaient désormais les gémissements de terreur de Nino. Satoshi, le coeur tambourinant contre sa poitrine et l'estomac noué, se précipita vers eux, tandis qu'à sa grande horreur, Sho s'était mis à hurler lui aussi.

Il n'auraient jamais dû venir là! Qu'elle idée il avait eu!.

Part 2


The score was 70 to 30.

Even if it was only a friendly game, the tension was quite similar to an official one. The only difference consisted in the fact that the houses were mixed.

Nino readjusted his gloves properly; it was rather cold today. Good thing he had thought of taking his dragonskin's ones.

He just hoped that it would not be snowing. He liked Matsujun, but not enough to bear watching a Quidditch game under the snow.

He looked around him. There were a lot of people, despite the cold. However, out of the Arashi members, only Aiba and him came to cheer for their Gryffindor friend . Sho had a Transfiguration lesson at the same time, as for Satoshi, he could not come because he had an essay due for the very next day morning

''You know Kazunari (Nino flinched violently) I'm really glad we all became friends.''

The young man felt a knot appear in his stomach It had been years since Aiba had last called him by his first name. He shot him a a sidelong glance:

''Aiba ... why did you called me Kazunari?''

The older boy did not answer right away. He took the time to adjust his scarf around his neck, before simply saying:

"I wanted to''

Seeing that Aiba wasn't going to add anyting more , Nino turned his attention back to the game

Matsujun recovered the Qaffle ...

''We really have nothing in common, the five of us ... Our interests, our hobbies,our births are all completly different. "The Gryffindor throw the Quaffle at one of his teammate, narrowling dodging a Bludger that was aiming for his head. " ... Who would have thought we would be one day so close to each other?''

His first name and now this? Nino felt the anxiety rising within him. Aiba never spoke like that.

''What do you want to say?'' Nino asked trying to keep a neutral tone. What was he going to say? Was he going to ask him if he got any proposal for joining the Dark Lord, He hoped not... ...

Aiba couln't know that...

''I know why you became friends with Matsujun and me ..''

His heart stopped. Did he hear that right?

No.No impossible. . He had tell noone. Not a single soul.

He tried to reassure himself. After all, it was Aiba Masaki he was talking about ... The Slytherin was not a calculating person nor cunning enough to find out ... It was just

Aiba was probably speaking about something else.

''Because I took pity on you both ? ''

''No'' he answered without taking his eyes off the opposing team's Keeper "Because you need the protection that my name provided you and Matsujun's money.''

Nino felt like he had just been punch in the gut . He could have lied, deny the whole thing, say that it was pure nonsense, but he knew it would have been pointless.

His matter of fact tone, and the way he held himself when he spoke...

Aiba knew.

It was not something he was simply suspicous about, or that had been reported to him.

He was sure of it.

It was as if someone as put a weight on the younger boy's shoulders. He simply asked with a hollow voice:

'For how long? "His heart was pounding against his chest

'Errr .... Since the first time we met, I think "Aiba said while put his index finger on his chin. Nino looked at him, dumbfounded

"The fact that you tried to make friends with a Gryffindor,
him in particular and for no real reason, when we both know what you think of Muggles and Mudbloods only conforted my thoughts. ''

Though Aiba's tone was calm and composed, each word were like a slap to his face.

Mudblood ...

Aiba had never spoken ill of Muggles, let alone muggleborns. That was the first time he heard him say such awful words.

''Don't look so surprised, Kazunari. "He replied with an amused smile," Seems like you forgot that I, too, am a green and silver. ''

Nino was not listening to him anymore. He was too shocked

Did that mean that it was over? That
Arashi was over?

.... How could they remain friends after that? ....

After all, Aiba was right. At the first, he had become friends with them, simply because he wanted to use them .They were supposed to be his tools, to reach his greatness...

How could his two friends ever forgive him? ...

And when they will know, Satoshi and Sho were also going to cut all ties with him, for sure ...

Is Arashi i really over?

For the first time in his life, Nino felt as if the world was crumbling around him.

He had completly lost control.

''Masaki, listen. "He said in a tone which betrayed his anxiety and fear" it's true that at first, it was for this but ...

''Don't worry, I won't say anything. "Aiba interrupted him" Noone will know''

No ... No that was not what he wanted ... Well, yeah but .... He did not want Aiba to believe that their friendship was fake. He was really his friend. His best friend since childhood and the person who knew him best. . Nino shook his head

''No listen to me! It is true that at first it was ...I wanted to use you to become someone important. To enjoy the protection ...Let me speak!'' he said in a desperate tone, when the older boy opened his mouth to say something.

'' I wanted to use the prestige that your name would offer me and MatsuJun's wealth to reach my goal ... to get where ... "

He clenched his fists and raised his eyes to meet those of the older boy

"But I swear it's all in the past. That's not the reason I'm friends with you today ... And the same goes for Sho and Satoshi "he added quickly for fear that the young man would use them against him
"I ... I really like Arashi. And I'm really sorry for being such an idiot and for trying to use you, years ago, but I swear by Merlin that it's no longer the case! You are all my best friends and you really mean a
lot to me... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

His shout had attracted the curious glances of some of the students who were watching the game. In the surrounding screams and noises, they had not heard nor even noticed the conversation that was going on between the two Slytherins, only the younger's boy last cry.

For once, Nino did not care. They could think and say what they wanted. It was the least of his worries.

He had hurt his best friends

He was really desperate.

It was the end of Arashi.

He was going to kneel down before Aiba, but the Slytherin took his arm firmly, preventing him of doing so. Nino could not escape his hold.

''Listen to me carefully Kazunari....
Nino I know all that. "He said with a bright smile,and a small laugh as if the younger boy was being quite stupid.

'' I know perfectly well all that ... If that was not the case, not only you wouldn't have stand it for so long without faltering in your acts and lies, but do you think I would have seriously keep on being your friend? That you used me, well no problem there "He shot him such a wicked smile, so unlike him, that Nino almost shivered'' I did the same for you at first.
I used you.

However,'' his eyes got darker ” these sort of relationships and alliances cannot last long, or at least, we would not have been so close . Also, I would have never accepted that you used Matsujun, Satoshi nor Sho .They are my best friends too, I would have confronted you about it a long time ago already... "

He paused before adding, this time with a tender smile and the twinkles back in his eyes

"I know you love Arashi. I do not doubt that for a second .If you had not changed to the one you are today, you would have never been close to Sho .Despite his name and wealth, you wouldn't have been able to use it and you knew it..He would have immediatly understood your move anyway...

Sakurai don't like to mix in these sort of politics. Not like us anyway'' he added fondly. '' As for Satoshi, according to your previous criteria, he had every single fault possible.

''..... Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! '' screamed the commentator voice '' 150 points to 140, NARROW GAME! ... But the Finns took once again the Qaffle, pass to...

''Yet '' Aiba spoke again " you're very close to him... And you've never insulted him about his birth, despite the fact that he is,indeed, a
Mudblood "Nino flinched and bit his lower lip. Aiba laughed, quite delighted:

"You see what I mean ?Few years ago, you wouldn't have reacted at all. Look how upset you are now '' he clapped his hands together, really happy'

''.... And about Matsujun, I knew for a really long time now how much he really means to you too. Just now, for example : you hate the cold,and yet, here you are, cheering for him. ... But if I had any doubt left - which I did not by the way - they would all have disappeared two weeks ago. I saw you with Sho during that meeting***...» he added with a remorseful tone

Nino knew immediately what he meant. He felt himself blushed deeply, ashamed that his best friend had seen him in this situation.

He turned his eyes toward the game, where the two Seekers were neck and neck. A lump in his throat, he asked :

-... Do you think he knows?

Aiba smiled sadly before looking back at the said Chaser :

-No. He doesn't suspect it nor will he ever even believe it .... Matsujun is a bit naive sometimes, especially when it's about us. He is too much of a Gryffindor "he added with a fond smile. He could not imagine the young man coldly making and breaking alliances like Nino,him and Sakurai – if the Ravenclaw really had to - could do

"And he has too much faith in his friends ....''

Aiba stopped again, the overexcited voice of the commentator was so loud that he couldn't even hear himself speak anymore. He. was going to make their eardrum explode ...

''Do not tell him, Nino "He added, seriously when the screams lessened " It would break his heart ...''

If it had been a dfferent situation, , Nino would have said that in that way MatsuJun was even more of a woman, than Aiba. This time though, he simply nodded. Too relieved to talk. Too excited to be able to express vocally his gratitude.

... Aiba had forgiven him. Aiba had discovered his secret and yet he had forgiven him ....

His childhood friend squeezed his shoulder tighly

His eyes stung

MatsuJun's team won the game


Sho was clearly shaken. His usually well kept hair was messy, and his robe was upside down. Even Satoshi, with his faraway and dreamy gaze, was now looking deeply serious.. His eyes usually so calm shone with worry

Aiba was still shaking. He seemed on the verge of crying again. Matsujun was standing not far from him, sitting cross-legged on a table, eyes red with tears

Nino had feared that he had reacted like a stupid Gryffindor and gone to see from where the loud noises and cries were coming from. The news that Death Eaters had managed to enter the castle had of course reached the dungeons and the Slytherins'common room, but also the fact that students from other houses, and mostly Gryffindors, had gone to fight them.

Nino wiped his forehead with a slightly shaking hand.

Even if the young Gryffindor had not came out of his common room, the Death Eaters could have used the chaos that sudden attack created and gone there. Many had a visceral hatred against the red and gold, and the boy-who-lived was there...

He had been so afraid ...

He had been terrified that Matsujun had been injured or killed in battle.

To his deep shame, when it was announced that no student was missing nor had died he had almost cried in relief.

Matsujun probably did not understand why Aiba and Nino had run into his arms and hold him tighly against their chest, when they saw him this morning, nor why the oldest of the three had burst into tears and refused to let him go for a while.

The Slytherins had said so many horrible things about the battle that took place the day before .... And even if it were only rumors, even if he
knew that none of his fellow housemate could possibly know what happened, Nino could not help but listen to the rumor mills. In the panic and excitement that seized the green and silver, the craziest things had circulated, scaring the young man to death.

''Dumbledore...Dumbledore is dead ... "Aiba suddenly whispered in a shaky voice.

None of them were close to the old director and Nino did not even like him for a bit, finding him far too manipulative and too Gryffindor to his liking. However, he never wanted his death.

It was a shock for them all. How could he die ?

It was the first time for any them that someone they really knew, died .... And not anyone... Professor Dumbledore, the one who had defeated Grindelwald ... the only wizard that the Dark Lord had feared.

He was dead.

"From now on everything will quicken...''

''I can 't believe it ... I mean... Dumbledore ... "Sho said by passing a hand through his hair, ruffling it even more.

What will become to us now ?"he thought

What would become of Arashi?

Nino shot a glance at Matsujun and Ohno, who sat side by side. They were the was most at risk.

Aiba asked in a low voice:

''Do you think that Hogwarts will reopen next year?''

It was an awful idea ... To not return to Hogwarts the following year when they should have ...

Sho paled a bit :

''Even if the school reopens, I don't think my parents will let me come back.''

Everyone turned their heads to look at him. He kept his eyes fixed on the ground:

''My parents have been harassing me for several months already, wanting me to come back. And now with... Not a single chance they would let me come back next year.''

Aiba felt a lump in his throat ... ... Going back to Hogwarts without Sho?....

Nino wrung his hands nervously. Satoshi had finished his studies, so he would not return next year . It was already a member in less than Arashi at Hogwarts ..So far he had not yet realized that would never see again the Hufflepuff except during school holidays.

"And now Sho as well ? "

''I will come back for sure ... "Aiba said, for the first time unable to smile at the thought of another year in the castle he loved so much

-Same"Nino said.

Satoshi shrugged

''I did my seven years here ...''

Matsujun bit his lower lip and clenched his fists:

''... Normally....normally, my parents won't want me back ... But I think I may be able to convince them ...''

... But wouldn't it be better for you to be with your parents? Thought Sho.

Until now, despite You-Know-Who's return, Hogwarts had been the safest place for everyone. Dumbledore's death was a turning point.

The castle wasn't safe anymore...

He remembered the discussion he had with his father last April. The last defense against You-Know-Who had been the late director The Ministry of Magic would now soon collapse, he was sure of it.

Who could stop
Him then? His heart missed a beat: who would now protect his friends?

He said in a feverish tone :

''Matsujun, Satoshi don't you think your family and you should leave the country?''

Both looked back at the Ravenclaw, flabbergasted.

''What are you talking about Sho? Matsujun asked. "
To leave the country?

''.. I don't think it's a bad idea. "Nino suddenly said. He quickly glanced at Satoshi before looking away toward the Gryffindor.

-''The situation is that bad, then ?'' Asked the seventh year

''You-know-who came back openely last year. Dumbledore is no longer here to protect Hogwarts nor to prevent him from returning to his full power .... "Sho's voice wavered slightly when he thought back to the atrocities and crimes that were perpetrated during the First War

''Muggleborns and Muggle will be the first he will attack. ''

Matsujun shook his head :

''Then I don't need to leave,.I am a Half blood anyway and there are way other pureblood wizards that are much more at risk than me or my family (
Such as the Bones or the Weasley, thought Sho)''

Matsujun stopped speaking for a few seconds and shot the sixth year a very worried look "Your family is more threatened than mine Sho, don't y.. ...

Matsujun,'' interrupted Aiba, who had remained silent until now. "Sho's family may be powerful and traditionally known to be against the Dark Lord's ideas. However, it is not as clearly opposed to its ideals as yours. ''

Your mother married a Muggle. "he added scathingly" Believe me, in their eyes, you're not worth much. ''

''And so you want us to leave the country,'' said Matsujun who felt anger rising within him. ''You want us to leave like cowards, leaving our friends here, leaving
you here ?

He could not believe what his friends were saying.

Sho refrained from uttering a groan. He knew that their youngest would not accept it easily. Aiba replied:

''We re not at risk ''

-DON T SCREW WITH ME ! "yelled the young Gryffindor, getting angry." I may be naive, but I'm not completely stupid either. I know that you are threatened, that they may have made direct or indirect proposal to you to join one side or the other "He clenched his fists" No one can be neutral in this war.''

Aiba felt as if the younger man had slapped him. He swallowed with difficulty ... He knew, of course he knew .... For a long time ... but to hear it from a friend ....

Matsujun continued in a broken voice:

''How can you ask us to go and leave you here, not knowing if you're well or not? ''

Tears were streaming down his cheeks. He didn't know when he had begun to cry

It was impossible. They couldn't go and leave them there. The very idea that something might happen to them was unbearable

''Do you really think we can go and leave you here, while knowing that you're life is at stake too.'' He continued, his dark eyes flashing.

''Do you really think we can abandon our best friends?'' Satoshi asked with a ghost of a smile. ''You are our family too...Do you seriously believe that we can leave Arashi?

''Then please, listen to us too. We don't want to see you being in danger. '' said Sho in a desperate tone while ruffling his hair a bit.

have to leave. '' added Aiba.

'No way. '' replied in chorus the sixth and seventh year.

Aiba and Sho shared a worried look. Satoshi and Matsujun did not understand. They had no idea of how dangerous it was for them to remain here.

None of them had the means to protect nor ensure their safety. Sho imperceptibly clenched his fists, they were completly helpless.

And these two stubborn idiots who did not understand that ! How could they convince them to leave the country ?

''And what will you exactly do "suddenly asked Nino with a wicked smile, turning his head toward the Gryffindor" if we find ourselves face to face in a duel?''

They all remained silent. Sho shot him a dark look

''What ... What do you mean by that, Nino?''

''Easy... You intend to get involved in this war right? Just staying in England means that, anyway. As you said, no one can be neutral but who said that
I will choose the Boy-who-lived and Ministry side, now that Dumbledore is dead?''

Matsujun merely looked at him with his mouth slightly opened. Nino came close to him, pushing away the tables that were in his way . Standing straight, he looked at him up and down before whispering in his ear:

"Tell me, what will you do if you see me before you, ready to attack you? Will you be ready to reply ? To overpower me ? To
kill me?''

He saw the boy flinch slightly. He was about to add something, but the Gryffindor interrupted him before he could even open his mouth.

''Do you really think ... "said the younger man who had gotten quite pale," that I would attack you?

For a few moments, Nino was thrown off. Matsujun took the opportunity to hold him by his collar and stared deep into his eyes with a murderous look.

''Which side you re on doesn't matter, you idiot! Do you honestly think I would hurt you? That I could possibly try to kill you? .You really think I'll take out one of my best friends! "He yelled, deeply upset

How could he possibly think that ? How coul
Nino think that ?

''Matsujun'' Sho began'' relea ...

A loud sound was heard. Matsujun felt himself getting lifted from the ground and thrown across the room. He landed a few yards away, thanksfully in the Ravenclaw's arms who had caught him. Nino had his wand in his hand:

''Stop! STOP! "Aiba yelled, taking out as his wand tood" This is not the time to fight

Nino shot him a dirty look.

"Stay out of this !"

''So Matsujun, you still behave like a baby? You still need Mommy Aiba and Daddy Sakurai to defend you, and fight your battles ?''

''I'll show you if I need anyone . "yelled the young man trying to get away from Sho who was holding him tightly against his chest

''Is that how you plan to be during the war? Relying on others as usual? You're quite the Gryffindor, aren't you?"Nino went on, laughing" always needing someone to protect you and defend you because
you are and have always been too weak''

The Ravenclaw student was having more and more difficulty restraining their youngest

Aiba closed his eyes. Should he do something ? Should he let him keep talking?

He wanted to scream in frustration.

"Merlin, what should I Do? "

''No one here has denied what I just said .. See, ultimatly, everyone pretends to like you either because then you will leave them in peace or because they took pity on a victim like you, baby boy.''

Only Satoshi did not understand the reference.

'' You're going too far, Nino! "Sho glared at him fiercely.

Until now, he had kept quite, but even if he agreed with the reasons that pushed the Slytherin to act like this, he disagreed strongly with the means employed.

He was all the more upset as it was him who had revealed the story to the Slytherin.

How dare he use it against Macchan?

He almost wished he could curse him right now.

Aiba himself, who seldomly get angry with anyone, was red with anger. Even if it was for a good reason, there were limits to what he could say.

Matsujun, mad with rage, screamed. He managed to break free from Ravenclaw's hold, but before he could fire a curse, Nino was on the ground.

Satoshi who had stayed out of this until then, had shot him a hard blow on his face.

They will never forgive each other " Aiba thought. He couldn'get himself , however, to be happy

They got what they wanted ... Arashi was over ...

''Stop pretending to be someone you're not, Nino. ''

''A punch? As one might expect from a filthy
Mudblood "Nino spat, wiping his mouth. Matsujun,who Sho was gripping by his robes, let out an enraged scream

''If you really thought a thing of what you said, you would have never become my friend .... And you would have cast a more powerful spell against Matsujun.''

"I've always been more a man of words than action," said Nino, "Why attack when one can simply tell the truth ?

Satoshi smiled:

''You didn't answer me ... If you really thought a word of what you said you would never become my friend.''

"I pretended.''

''My birth, my house, the people I know ... I have nothing that can be useful. Why would you have done that then?''

Nino had nothing to say. What could he reply? So far, he had tried to solely provoke the Gryffindor, because his temper would flare quickly. He had hoped that Satoshi, defending the younger man would get angry with the cruel words he was going to tell him.

And he could never lied to Satoshi. He had never quite been able to.

He saw Matsujun approaching him. Surely if the Gryffindor had no difficulty offering him his friendship, he would also have no difficult breaking it.

Matsujun crouched down before him and threatening him with his wand. He glared at him furiously:

- Get this in that thick skull of yours
Ninomiya "he hissed " no matter what you say, I will return to Hogwarts. I will not leave the castle, I will not leave my friends, I will not leave England! ''

''And if I am seriously involved in this war to the point where I am fighting, you better know that even if you attack me, even if you attack another student and I see you do, I would never do anything against you ... BECAUSE.YOU.ARE.ONE.OF.MY.BEST.FRIENDS! '' he thundered.

''I think you all got the idea now''. Said Satoshi in falsely cheerful voice , while Matsujun lowered his wand before standing up.

Nino would have gladly knocked them both out.

Merlin's pants! How could anyone be so stupid? All three of them had said how dangerous it was!

Yet despite his provocations, despite his insults, it had come to nothing. They still r
efused to hide somewhere safe. They still refused to leave them.

Damn that Hufflefpuff loyalty. Screw that Gryffindor sense of duty and ideal of bravery.

The Slytherin fell back on the floor. He raised his left arm, putting it on his forehead, and sighed thoroughly exasperated:

''You are really bloody annoying you know? "He paused before continuing" It would have been much easier if Arashi had been broken ...''
But Sho was no longer so sure . When he had seen Matsujun jump on the Slytherin, and Satoshi, Satoshi the pacific one!, hit him so violently, he had felt like a nightmare.

Just like Nino, he had thought that the best solution for them all was to break their frienship

It seemed the most sensible thing to do.

Matsujun and Satoshi would have been less reluctant to leave, they would be far away with their family, perfectly safe. Aiba and Nino would not be seen as traitors and muggle lovers, because of their friendship with the fifth and seventh years. They would also be safe...

''In the end, Masaki said, putting his hand on his arm'' we would have just been more miserable ...

The Ravenclaws shot him a surprised look. He blushed deeply when he understood that he had spoken outloud.

''You all seem to think that Satoshi and I are just going to leave the country because we are angry with you, "growled Matsujun. "That's a bit extreme, even for me... And how could we forget so easily Arashi and AMNOS ?

''No separation possible then "said Aiba with a smile

''No matter what happens. "Sho nodded, feeling warm at the idea that they were still all five together

''Or, the decisions we make, "added Satoshi.

Nino, who had sat with his elbows on the floor when Sho had started to talk, rolled his eyes

''Bunch of Idiots, all of you .... "he lied back on the floor, his left arm underneath his head and his right one hiding his face.

Why did they feel the need to say that?

His arm was firmly on his eyes.

They were completely stupid

And he was too. Otherwise, he wouldn't be crying just for that.


... The best that's left is an old friend

(end of the title ;D)

To me those two verse represents how much Nino changed. All of them sure, but Nino in particular, due to Arashi. He doesn't care anymore about greatness, power, and all those things. His friends are the most important things for him right now.

Hope you liked it <3 ^^

* Nino thought about a name in the Slytherin common room .... He left the paper on his bedside table, knowing that nobody would touch it. The Slytherins respect each other's business unless they can use it as blackmail.

Aiba found the paper. He stole it. He gave it to Matsujun who gave it to Riida, who gave it to Sho who went to Aiba, who put it back in its place / Nino meanwhile had panicked /
with the signatures of the four members and comments about the names he found AMNOS

** Just the order in which they became friends ==> Nino Aiba. Then MatsuJun was added to the team. He brought Sho later.,Riida finally came last^ ^ (NAMSO)

It happened like that (Nino is the reference)

Aiba and Nino became friend when Aiba was six.

First year: Nino and Aiba get acquainted with Matsujun beginning of October (so they would have month or so before the writing on the wall, and a bit more Colin get petrified and things got harsher). They became really friend later this year.

2year: Nino and Aiba meet officially Sho at the end of their first year but really get to know him at the start of their second.

In January, they met Riida

3rd year : they all become friends/close friends The name Arashi appears in March. AMNOS in May.

Year 4: The scene with the Quidditch match takes place here.

5th year: The last scene takes place there.

*** The meeting with Sho. XD ====> Nothing pervert. It's just that Nino discovered that Matsujun was bullied a lot during his first year, mostly because he was friends with two Slytherin. It went quite wrong with the other Gryffindors due to that, but the bullying really began when students from other houses got petrified by the basilisk

( Aiba's remorseful tone is due to thet fact that he had seen his best friend in such a position, and that the younger boy, because of his friendship with them, had suffered. Especially since, at first, Aiba knew he was only being used by Nino, and at the time he, himself, didn't really care that much about that, too, letting his chilhood friend do what he wanted for the time being.

His sad smile after is also due to that. He really feels guilty.)

At first I wanted the bullying to happen after the attack against Hermione and Penelope Clearwater ==> But they were attacked in May

The bullying happened after Justin and Nick got petrified.

Sho, who is a second year Ravenclaw, will saw that and help because he saw some of his housemates student bullying him. ... Then he stumbled upon him being bullied again. He pitied him, and will get acquainted with him and become some kind of mentor (he help him in homework, look after him at some point etc.)..

This happens arounds January

Nino has been told that Matsujun was bullied, during during their fourth year. He will confront Sho to know if what he heard was true ===> Sho tells him that is true, that Matsujun had been bullied at the time because he was friend with them

Nino will kneel before him to thank him. (Nino in my fanfiction is a very very proud ... so do that ... especially to someone he considered originally as a rival...).

============================> When Nino, to provoke MatsuJun said '' victim '' and '' baby boy'' that was the exact words the people who were bullying him taunted him with

The parallels between what we know about their real life.

I did that because ========> Matsujun had a mentor relationship with Sho in the beginning of ARASHI. Nino and Sho were a bit rivals during their Jr days (here it's more Nino. Sho doesn't care XD ) and Nino and MatsuJun were Ijime victims. For Nino it happened during a longer time. MatsuJun one year ( I think ?)

Nino is bullied/scorned at by his housemates and other purebloods (and has been for years) Matsujun during his first year

Nino's parents put him in JE because his mother was afraid he would turn '' bad''. Here without Arashi, he would have indeed become a cruel person and a Death Eater (well no, because Voldemort would have died by the time he finishes his school year... But he would have been a really dark wizard. )


If you have any question about the timeline, just ask ^^'

I'm sorry if it's confusing sometimes ^^'

But of the things which pass so fleetingly,

Summary: Arashi at Hogwarts. Mainly Nino centric. Just some ''flash '' of their lives there ^^and of their friendship.

Pairings : I like making the frontier between friendship and love quite unclear. ;D So you can decide, you will probably be in the right either way x)

Disclaimers : HP world belongs to JKR. You will certainly have trouble understanding ^^”if you've never read the series ... The Arashi are not mine, their image and so belong to JE....Same for Yamapi, Ryo, Tackey and Johnny

And the whole title is from a Musset (french poet of the 19th) poem => A.M.V.H
(To Mr Victor Hugo)

''De ces biens passagers que l'on goûte à demi,
Le meilleur qui nous reste est un ancien ami.''

===========> Found the english traduction on the Internet ^^

This was written for a Nino lover :D So it's mainly his POV and small fragments of his story.

So ... Maybe I will explain ^^ some things beforehands m(_ _)m. The Arashi here are older than their real age by two years ( Meaning Sho was born in January 1982. Here it's 1980) for the plot :D

Aiba, MatsuJun and Nino are in the same year ( Because since Aiba was born in December, he wasn't yet eleven on September 1
st 1990. That's what happened to Hermione, she was actually born in September 1979 whereas Ron and Harry were from1980)

So Sho-chan is in the same year as Harry, Ron and Hermione, but in Ravenclaw (Therefore same dormitory as Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein)

Nino, Aiba and MatsuJun are in the same year as Colin and Ginny. Meaning their first year is during the Chamber of Secret // It's important to remember that //

Riida is one year older than Sho.


But of the things which pass so fleetingly


Kazunari Ninomiya glanced at the boy. Slightly smaller than him, with black unruly hair, and draped in an emerald green cloack, he was chewing on a Sugar Quill while smiling, making him look like a bit of an idiot..Regardless, he was no different from any 6 years old kid,and therefore did not seem very interesting.

''Hi! I'm Aiba Masaki . "He said with a big toothless smile" Your name is Ninomiya Kazunari, right? Dad told me we were going to see each other a lot, that's great,'cause usually it's just me and my little brother Yusuke, but he is useless. He is too young and I can't play with him because he cries easily and...''

Merlin! And he was a chatterbox on top of that. Seriously, he better not be a crybaby too... . He saw Aiba holding out his hand to him:

''We will the best of friends

'' I'm sure. "The boy replied with a smile

After all, his father had ordered him to act so


One day while they were in the Aiba's family Manor, the young heir suddenly stated in the middle of an explosive cards game:

''Ninomiya is too long ...

The younger boy raised his eyebrows.

''..And Kazunari too ... WE MUST GET YOU A NICKNAME! "He shouted overly excited His cards blew up. "" Argh no!

''You looooost "sing-sang Kazunari

Aiba grunted and fall on his back. He remained like that a few moments, simply gazing at the ceiling before saying again :

'' Mmmm Kazu-chan wouldn't be good, cause I would feel like calling out my girlfriend. "

''Eh! I remind you that it's how my mother calls me!. "

''And seeing as I'm not your mother, it solves the problem...Zuzu, though I doubt you would like it much ... "

''Call me that, and I
will hit you.

Aiba sighed. Kazunari rolled his eyes. He did not understand the need to give him a nickname. What harm was there to call him by his full name? There were only four syllables anyway. Longer names and first names than his owns existed.

However, he had learned some times ago that it was useless to argue with his friend. He could be really stubborn when he wanted.

Aiba suddenly stood up, surprising Kazunari a bit. He looked him up and down, making the boy feel uncomfortable. After a few seconds, a grin spreaded on his face

''Nino! ...

''Sorry ? "He must have misheard ...

''Nino! Nino would suit you SOOOO much

The boy almost let out an exclamation of disgust. It was far too Muggleish!

''So,Nino, it suits you. What do you think?

The younger boy opened his mouth to tell him what he really thought of this atrocious name. Yet, when he saw his eyes full of hope, he did not have the courage to voice it. Aiba seemed to really like it ... And the older boy was always kind to him. For once, he might as well make him happy.

He found himself agreeing to that humiliating name

Aiba 's bright smile rewarded him

(A few years later)

''Nino?'' Matsujun asked with raised eyebrows "It's sounds like a spanish word, doesn't it? ... One that means kid ..." he added with a small smirk

Needless to say that Nino's revenge had been terrible. Aiba avoided crossing his path for nearly a month.

The fact that the Gryffindor called him "El niño" whenever he wanted to make him furious, did nothing to help the pureblood's case.


Between Sho and Nino it did not start well. Nino in particular did not like the Ravenclaw. The older boy represented everything he hated with passion: Sakurai was not only from a powerful family, but he was rich, well liked and loved by all ...

Quite the opposite of the Slytherin

Screw you Sakurai.

On top of that, he was rather cute, so many girls were at his feet. The perfect Prince Charming. Ugh.

''For serious, look at this. Look at this guy! How braggart can he get ? And he acts as if owned the whole castle.

''Who are you talking about? "Aiba asked, looking up from his plate

''Sakurai Sho. "Nino spat, while stabbing his steak

Aiba blinked. Sakurai Sho? ... The name sounded vaguely familiar ... He looked in the direction of his friend's glare and saw a dark-haired Ravenclaw boy standing near the Hufflepuff table, not far from them.

''Aaaaaaah! Yes, I think I saw him once or twice during the parties my parents held... His father is in the Wizenmagot right? ... "Aiba whistled a bit ," By Merlin's pants, he is pretty good looking.

Nino let out a dissatisfied grunt

''We will know that...

''.. No wonder, after all his mother is a real beauty...As beautiful as a Veela even .. "his best friend tilted his head on one side before speaking again" Right now he is just cute .... But in the next few years, he may very well become a sexy hot babe

If Nino had not been a Slytherin, he would have spat out the pumpkin juice he had been drinking. Like most of his house members , he had a minimum of self control. So he just simply choked:

- What? "Aiba asked when he met his best friend incredulous face.



... ... Matsumoto Jun

In a Slytherin eye, he accumulated faults. He was a Gryffindor, he had all the qualities of a Gryffindor, and his mother's family was a disgrace to all the pureblood.

They had left their daughter marry a Muggle.


Needless to say it had been quite the scandal at the time. Such an old and respected pureblood family welcoming someone like him in their midst.

For the rest of his house, their son was no better than a Mudblood and Nino did not think any less.

However, he was not as stupid as all the other pureblood bigots in Slytherin. Matsumoto's ancestry may be flawed ... But his father had money ... Lots of it

And Gold controled the world.

So, even if he was a vermin, he could deal with it. Or at least he would try ...

Fortunately, the Gryffindors were fairly easy to handle.

The problem was when to speak with him. Nino was not stupid enough to go talk to him during a lesson. He would get ostracized from his own house. He did not need that on top of everything else.

He was already despised by most of the Slytherins for being a Half-Blood. All because his grandfather had been stupid enough to marry a Muggle. He brought shame to their family.

He hated him.

Because of him, Nino had been booed by his peers and, like his parents, he had to bow down in front of many scornful and conceited purebloods

He would take his revenge, no matter the cost.

For now, the only reason he was not mistreated by his housemates, and was not treated as an underliying by them was due to the protection Aiba was offering him.

No Slytherin was crazy enough to get on the bad side of the heir. Only some as Draco Malfoy, Daphne Greengrass, or Theodore Nott could have afford to subject him to an affront.

By chance, they were all older than them and therefore had other things to do than to look after their juniors, especially when they could spend there precious time on other things such as plotting the downfall of the Boy-who-lived

As long as neither he nor Aiba did any thing that can seriously undermine the reputation of Slytherin, and make their elders act, they would be in peace

Still, Nino knew that in the future, he could not rely solely on the Aiba's name. He needed something else ... ... Other allies.... money.

An alliance ... a friendship ... with Matsumoto promised him that.

A loud noise ranged near him, startling the young Slytherin so badly that he dropped the Quidditch book he had been reading.

Nino then saw two students with a red mane, ("Weasleys, he thought with pure contempt ) settling down not far from where he was in the park and shouting something to the young man with dreadlocks, who had to dive on them, making them all fall on the floor

Three or four students of that same house, who were sitting in a circle a little further away, laughed loudly at the scene

Among them was Matsumoto and that Mudblood boy who was in their year and seemed to have a grafted camera instead of hands

Nino closed his book, deeply annoyed. With the racket they were making, there was no way he could concentrate

He gritted his teeth

Becoming "friend" with Matsumoto was going to be difficult

He hated Gryffindors


''How can you eat something so disgusting? "Nino asked while making a face

''You know nothing about what's good in life ... Natto is the best thing in the world. "Aiba said, taking a large portion of said food

''It smells like dragon's dung "Matsujun made a grimace of disgust similar to the one the Slytherin was wearing

''You have no taste, that's all. "Aiba said in a tone of mock despair.

Nino suddenly noticed that Satoshi was staring at him, unblinking

''What 's the matter?''

Satoshi came near him. He looked at him, eyes shining with a strange glow . Nino raised his eyebrows in surprise. The Hufflepuff said nothing, simply getting slowly nearer. The Slytherin did not flinch. Gently, Satoshi took the young man's chin in his hand. All eyes were on them.

His lips were only few inches away from the younger's boy ones. Nino understood:


Too late. Satoshi gently blew in his face, his breath stinking of the natto he just ate

Nino wanted to retch.

Instead, he sent with a spell a piece of natto directly in Matsujun's mouth, who was sprawled on the floor, laughing out loud at Nino

The Gryffindor had to swallow it.

Sho prevented any murder.

Sho choked:

''Sorry? ... Arashi? ... What is it? ''

Satoshi shrugged, before dipping his pen into the inkwell. The five wizard were gathered as usual all together in one of the many empty rooms of the castle

''I don't know, I just overheard some girls using it when speaking of you. "Satoshi said before resuming his History of Magic homeworks

Sho looked dumbfounded.

''Arashi...Arashi ... he repeated ,this time in Japanese ... It means the storm,doesn't it ? Why do they call me like that? ''

''I think it suits pretty well your character when you get upset. "Aiba said in a thoughtful tone. Sho turned his head in his direction so quickly that Nino was sure that he heard a crack

The Slytherin could understand. Aiba seldomly said things like that, especially to Sho. Between that and the fact that OHNO SATOSHI had reported something he had overheard, the third year began to wonder if he simply wasn't dreaming.

Were those the first signs of the Apocalyps ?

"What do you mean? ''Sho asked, clearly hurt

Aiba patted his shoulder in a comforting gesture:

''I 'm not speaking about now, but before .... When we were younger and you got upset it was not a pretty sight ''

The Ravenclaw opened and closed his mouth several times. He was so shocked that he completly forgot about his impending defenses against the dark arts ' exam and his need to review his books.

Mad-Eye was going to kill him.

He frowned:

''Yes, but I never got angry against you or against the others'' he said while gesturing to the rest of his friends.

Nino thought he was exaggerating. He,himself, had already suffered the wrath of the fourth year, mostly for things he was not even directly at fault at.

''Na, the name doesn't come from that "suddenly said Matsujun who had been silent until now. All eyes turned in his direction . He bit his lower lip "Er...I mean, it probably doesn't come from there ... It would be strange ... well ... Anyway"

The Gryffindor took his Potions manual and pretended to study. His face was completely hidden behind the book

''Are you hiding something, Matsujun? Nino asked with piercing eyes.

'No. "said the boy quietly. He had brought the book closer to his face

The other four exchanged glances. He knew.

''Are you sure? "Aiba asked leaning on the table so he could get a better look at him

Sho and Satoshi were the closest.

Nino got up and stood behind him, so that they were all circling him . The Hufflepuff then levitated the book he had been holding, out of his reach, turning a deaf ear to the protests of the third year:

''Tell us''

The young man blushed slightly.

"It's not super interesting ..." he grumbled while looking at the floor

''We want to know anyway. "Nino replied while putting his hands on the back of Matsujun'schair.

"It's just that Tackey and Johnny (" Argh, not them! "Sho shouted. They always had the weirdest ideas) used that name .... I've heard them talk about it a few months ago. Arashi is supposed to be our group name ... all five of us . "Nino's eyes widened. A group name?

''Why a group name? We don't need one! It's not like we re going to be singers or something!''

''It would be funny though, if we did. "Nino had heard Aiba singing. There was no way he could success in anything in that field but managing to break the audience eardrums.

"I like to sing in the shower" Sho said in a thoughtful tone. Nino simply decided to ignore this information.

He sincerely hoped that Matsujun's look did not mean that he was also considering the idea of ​​creating a band. Or that he was imagining Sho in the shower.

Aiba clapped his hands enthusiastically:

'' By the way! In a band ... There's a leader, right ? I'm sure Tackey and Johnny had thought about it. Who is the leader? ''

Nino made a disapproving noise. He was against the idea of ​​having a leader. He could not bear to have someone above him who gave him orders. He would never accept such a disgrace. . He shot a look at his friends. Only Aiba seemed genuily curious, clearly Sho did not like the idea either. Satoshi had his usual faraway and dreamy glaze. Nino sometimes wondered if he wasn't actually asleep with his eyes open

Matsujun let out a chuckle. He pointed to the alleged leader of the band. All eyes turned towards that person ..

''SATOSHI? ME? "shouted at the same time the four teenagers

Aiba couldn't hold back his laughter. He was soon followed by everyone else. The very idea that Satoshi had something leader-like was indeed. very funny .Sho was trying really hard not to laugh but failing quite miserably. The other did not have as much restrain. Aiba laughed so much that he had slipped on the floor. Nino himself was sure to have a crack at least one rib or two from laughing.

This band idea was completely stupid. The name was ridiculous in itself and he would never have agreed on having a "leader" ... But if it was Satoshi, he accepted it gladly.

''Eh! No, I refuse. "shouted the supposed leader. He looked almost frightened, "Why me? It's dangerous.

''What is really dangerous is that they thought of you for this "Nino said with a laugh. It was also quite worrying when you think about it..

Satoshi frowned and crossed his arms against his chest.. He turned to Matsujun,:

''Why is it me that they choose? Why not someone else, like Sho? He would been way more fitted for this...Is it because I'm the oldest? ''

It would have been the most likely and reasonable explanation

Tackey and Johny had never acted nor done anything of the sort. Especially something reasonable. .

''Because once you lost at rock scissors paper against Sho..But ...''

''WHAT! It was decided like that ?!''

''... but said'' MatsuJun with a big smile as if it had not been interrupted'' if we were to have a leader, I want it to be you , Satoshi ''

''SAME!, Satoshi! FOR PRIME MINISTER! "Aiba cried, raising his wand to the sky and letting out small sparks.

''Satoshi,it would have been my choice too, "said Sho after shooting him a both relieved and thoroughly amused look. He really didn't want to be the leader ... Especially the leader of this band.

Satoshi turned his gaze full of hope to Nino. The latter smiled and said, patting his shoulder in a conforting gesture

''Unfortunately, it seems that you are unanimously appointed leader, leader! ... Congratulations! ''

"Satoshi, leader ... ... What a joke!"


It became for a while, Aiba's favorite sentence No matter what people asked him, he always ended up answering that.

It was pretty frustrating, especially for his four friends. If he was asked for some ink, the Slytherin would reply that the black ink was similar in colour to the cloud in the storm they would create over the world.

For what day they was their potion essay due ? The Tuesday before they would create a storm over the world

Needless to say,after a some time, said-called "Arashi" could not stand that word anymore . Nor its meaning . Nor Aiba.

''Aguamenti! "shouted Matsujun, exasperated.

A stream of water shot out of his wand and sprinkled the Slytherin.

''Eh! No! "cried Aiba, completely soaked. "You know how long it took me this morning to fix my hair?''

''The time to say the spell ? "asked Matsujun while storing his wand in the inside pocket of his robe. "I told you : the next time you would speak about it again, you were going regret it.

For the first time in several months, the sun was shining over Hogwarts. The five teenagers had decided, like many other students, to stay outside the castle that day.

They had been sitting quietly in a corner of the park , waiting for Sho to come and join them, when the Slytherin had once again used his new favorite sentence

''You 're lucky that Matsujun only throw that curse at you , "Nino commented , lying casually on his back" I heard Pucey saying that he will tear your tongue out. "

Adrian Pucey, a fellow Slytherin student, was probably even more annoyed because like every one else , apart from the five friends, Tackey, Johnny and a few others, he did not understand d why the third year kept repeating that sentence again and again

''Why does no one like this phrase ? ''Aiba shouted, with a disappointed face. Since he had confronted Johnny about the name of Arashi, and the seventh year had said as an explanation "Arashi: because you will create a storm on the world," the third year had continued to use it."I love it! ''

''yeah I think we all got that.'' Nino thought, refraining from rolling his eyes. He had been using it for two months already and Aiba was showing no sign of getting tired of it.any time soon. He was even saying it more often tthan ever nowadays, to the dismay of all those who knew him

The Slytherin sincerely hoped that his friend was actually getting paid in secret each time he would say it

"Mostly because you say it all the time. Seriously, it gets more and more infuriating each time." said Matsujun

A young man with dark hair perfectly trimmed and holding a large number of books under his arm, was running toward them

''Sorry! "Sho said , a little out of breath" I absolutely needed to go to the library for...

''Shooooooooooooooooooooooo "Aiba moaned, throwing himself into his arms. The fourth year almost dropped all his books" Matsujun hates the name Arashi.

''Oi! I never said that! "the Gryffindor shouted loudly, quite annoyed. A group of Beauxbâtons'students who were seated not far from them, turned their head in their direction

. "I just said that I was tired of always hearing you reply ''because we will create a storm on the world every time each time we ask you a question ... But other than that... I kinda like the name.''

They also all got that. Matsujun after all did say when they had found tout about Arashi, that he had not breathed a word about it because he was worried they would get offended and refuse it firmly. The Gryffindor, like any red and gold student , seemed to love the idea of ​​being part of a group ...

He probably had the feeling that it bring them closer ...That they were somehow part of the same pack.

Stupid Gryffindors

They were always doing things in band .... Nino rolled his eyes. Slytherins rather liked to act alone. It was also what he liked the best

''YEAH! High five! "Aiba shouted with a huge grin, raising his hand.

"Aiba is a fake Slytherin ...And he really changes his mind and feelings too fast'' Nino sighed inwardly.

"I really don't like the name." Sho said suddenly. He sent a contrite smile to the young man who was still clinging to his arm.

''Me neither. "Nino said. It was pretty bad as the group name. It was rubbish, even

"The storm ... why not the cloud? The tempest or even the rain. "

''The name is based on our families' origins. I think it's a good one''

''We were called Arashi, but they might also have called us Tokyo, since we all come from there, or News. They chose Arashi at the last moment .... Tackey told me, "added MatsuJun, seeing their surprised look.

"Immediately after asking me if I wanted to bet on how long it would take for Yamapi and Ryo to shut themselves in a broom closet"

The Gryffindor made a face. The two were still in their first year. The only reason he even knew them was due to the fact that Tackey had taken the young Gryffindor under his wing and introduced him to people he knew ... And to those he didn't.

Ryo was a Slytherin in the same year and had been a longtime friend of Yamapi. It didn't take long to Tackey to get acquainted to him, too

Matsujun rolled his eyes. The older boy seemed convinced that the two young wizards would end up together.

It was as likely to happen as Ron and Hermione getting married to each other.

''I like Arashi ... But I also like the name you gave us ,Nino. "Satoshi said, turning his head toward the Slytherin.

The young man; to his shame, felt himself blush . He shot at Aiba a murderous look, but his friend didn't seem fazed by it at all, judging by his huge and bright toothy smile.

He looked down at the floor and nervously moved his right foot on the ground:

"I was still thinking, I hadn''t yet decided on the name ... And anyway, I didn't want a name, okay?, it's just that I thought that Arashi was really really ugly , and if we had to get a name better choose it ourself, ...right ?

If his father had seen him right now , he would have been murdered on the spot. He was acting like a shy first year Hufflepuff. He forced himself to look up at friends.

''Me too, I really like what you found, "said Matsujun" Maybe even more than Arashi

Nino smirked in his arrogant trademark way

''Of course

Still, his heart was pounding against his chest.

''We all agreed on that, "said Sho" We all did sign the paper, didn't we ?

"And AMNOS is also way better than MOANS" he mused, smiling a bit

''Yeah, in fact I was more than surprised to see your signature on my draft "For Merlin's sakes! Aiba didn't even have the decency to look ashamed! Yet he was the one who stole that paper while he was away, and gave it to the three others. *

Nino took out his wand and conjured five letters NAMSO **

He reorganized them : AMNOS.

Satoshi smiled. It. was way better than Arashi. It was a name they had chosen and it represented them better than any band name they could have been now known as

''... AMNOS "Aiba whistled " I really really like it. People will know us as Arashi ...

''We keep that nickname?'' Matsujun interrupted, surprised. Sho shrugged

''People have been using it for way too long, we wouldn't be able to make them stop. Let alone the fact that Johnny and Tackey won't let us even try to. "he added while shaking his head.

''.. People will know us as Arashi, but between us we will also be and mostly called AMNOS!" Continued Aiba, full of energy.

He paused before adding as an afterthough. "After all, we simply can not stop to create a storm o ...

''Aguamenti! "yelled Satoshi and Nino at the same time


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Matsujun's new drama :D

I'm so excited for this next July ! Matsujun is to star in a new drama....With Nino's ideal woman xDDD He must be jealous xDDD ... The screenwriter is the same that fro Buzzer Beat  -___-'

=> I hope she improved herself, because OMG => I was bored to death during that drama TT well not all. I loved the music. And I loved Shuuji :DDDD ( Naoki's best friend ^_________^ ...He was the only highlight with Mai of that drama. .)


am I the only one who had the felt like we just took a step back to ep 6 ? T___T

Jun Matsumoto, Yuko Takeuchi star in next "Getsu 9" drama

It has been confirmed that Arashi's Jun Matsumoto (26) will star in Fuji TV's Monday night drama series next season. He will be the first member of the group to appear in a drama during that time slot, and this will be his first lead role in a full-length Fuji TV series.

The drama, titled "Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku," is an original love story by "Buzzer Beat" screenwriter Mika Omori( T____T). The female lead is being played by Yuko Takeuchi (30), who starred in "Lunch Queen" and "Fukigen na Gene," both also written by Omori.

In the show, Matsumoto plays a struggling actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor. The character is described as being "tsundere," a term referring to people who are normally cold in personality but become overly fawning when they are around their love interest. In this case, that love interest is an older woman being played by Takeuchi, whose character is said to be spirited, but also mysterious due to certain circumstances.

"Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku" will air Monday nights at 9:00pm, starting in July.

Source Tokyograph.

Fanfiction test ^^

So true so true ^^ ... I hate OOC ness...Almost as much a new characters( Mary sue/Gary stu -__-') intorduced in a story as main character/love of the main character and awesome and... Anyway -__-'

And that's why I'm quite picky when I read fanfictions (especially Harry Potter since there are so many).  Sometimes it took me an hour to find ONE xD

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test..The True Fan

OOC is blasphemy, canon is everything.Once you fall in love with a movie, book or TV series, you are loyal like an old dog. You take fanfiction quite serious and use it as a substitute after the canon ran out.
You are probably a walking dictionary of your favourite fandom and you are picky about what you write and read. The closer to the "real thing" fanfiction is, the more you like it.
You rather explore a character in all depth, see new sides and learn more about them than creating new characters or mix up the situations they are in.Personality Test at "http://www.okcupid.com/

Michael Jackon Spotted...hum

I found that on the MJ Sighting site ( http://www.michaeljacksonsightings.com/eyewitness.php)

I'm going into a toy store in London on Camberwell Rd on the afternoon of August 8th 2009 and a small crowd has gathered outside applauding and cheering. Out of the store comes some men escorting a man that looks exactly like Michael Jackson. I take the picture I am attaching to this email. As he walks past me I said, "Michael Jackson I though you were dead?" He said, "No I'm alive I'll be back soon" and with that he got into a black SUV with the men who were escorting him and they drove off. The crowd were all screaming out his name in excitement. When I walk into the store I ask one of the employees, who was beaming with shock, "do his kids know he's alive?" She said that's the same thing she asked him and he told her they do know. She asked him why did he fake his death and he said "I want to teach the media a lesson". She also asked him who was in the coffin during the private viewing and he said it was a foam latex dummy molded from his own face and hands. Her co-worker asked why did he not do the O2 concerts and Michael said everyone will soon know why and it will all make sense. Everyone I've kept in touch with who witnessed this incredible event has been ignored by the British and American press.                Bob


Do you really think he would be alive ?

With all the evidences (the Dr Murray's confession,
_the investigation 'the police and the media such as TMZ looking everywhere to understand not  IF but HOW he died) 

with his children crying and his family all clearly mourning him( that implied that they are faking it. And I'm sure Paris's Tears and pain were true. Otherwise, she is one hell of an actress.XD)...

To me, it seems like a big oax. IMaybe some people who think they really saw MJ and write on  this website genuiely think they did.

I mean, there are so many double all around the world and so many people that could pass (more or less easily)for him.

Yet, do you really think that MJ would do thaT ? To his family ? To his fans ? To those that he loved and cherised?

That sounds. Ludicrous.  Impossible.

As much as I want him to be alive, this can't happen.

The same rumours happened and are still hapnning about other famous deceased people such as Elvis, Diana, John Lennon etc...

I wish thought ,if tha scenet really happened, that the one impersonating MJ would not spread lies like this one. That's plainly cruel, not only to his fans but for his family.